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Solid useful information

I enjoyed Space Time with Stuart Gary. I have gotten useful perspectives on things from outside the US. Good detailed reporting. Some reports from other sources he uses are hard to follow. Sound quality sometimes slips. I only quit listening because of pay wall. Retired and not wanting to add new expenses.

Great show

Love the information. Although the nuances of Gary’s narration can be repetitive. And the audio from launches seems like filler.

Where are you?

Need my SpaceTime.

Generally very good except

Great podcast except for the detailed coverage of routine satellite launches. Those take up a lot of time and put you to sleep. I would not use up podcast time with that.

Let me explain something.

Podcast is an audio medium. That means we LISTEN to it. Please stop interviewing Rajjit Kuldressha CEO of Space Machines until you can get him on a better audio connection, and also, maybe do something about the aviary in which the interviews are conducted. (Please apply this advice to all interviews) Otherwise, love the show. I have to skip over the space vehicle launches due to boredom though. You could reduce the length of the show if you skip the unnecessary previews of every segment before and after every segment. (A shorter program would be preferable to a long one stuffed with filler)

Excellent program

It is so refreshing to a science podcast that avoids politicised science and reports the information relatively free of politics. Most American or British science podcast have a strong political component that has no place in science.


Why do non-health focused podcasters feel the need to talk about Covid-19? Most of most episodes are recordings of launches. It gets a little old. 10.21.20: Another report on COVID and climate change and cognitive decline. Why?

The Gold Standard

... no one does science podcasting better than Stuart Gary! He presents current discoveries and observations with clear and understandable explanations. I look forward to each episode!

Love it, but...

Love this podcast, but Stu Gray is know-it-all who thinks he has to "jump" real scientists with their own words and discoveries instead of being the idiot journalist he is. Stu, get over it, you are not a scientist and would know a black hole from a a-hole. QUIT PUTTING YOURSELF INTO THE STORY

thank you

I love you and the show!! Thank you!

Good podcast

Good podcast...though some of their opinions and research is slighly skewed when expounding on sociological effects and studies.

No better podcast for keeping up with an expanding universe!

I don't have time to dig through science journals, but I also consider myself to be an enthusiast of the cosmos. Stuart solves my problem by sharing the biggest news in all of spacetime each week on Spacetime!

SpaceTime is the Best!

It's great to hear that UTSA is sponsoring your show! SpaceTime is my favorite source for for the latest news of what's going on in space. Your shows are always informative and entertaining.

Informative and accessible

I never miss an episode. Always interesting.


One of the best astronomy podcasts!!

Good shows

I have looked around for a better space podcast and can't find any.

Great space podcast

SpaceTime is very useful if you want to be up to speed on all things space without having to sift through all the bad science reporting out there. Stuart knows his stuff and interviews experts from time to time. It’s the best.

Just Excellent

Was very sad when Starstuff was axed. So glad to find Stuart Gary is still at it with this new podcast.

The place for the latest space news

I listen to get the very latest news on astronomy, astrophysics, and space technology. A bit too much of an Australian bent, but the guy's from down under, so ....

The BEST Astronomy Podcast

I have listened to several different astronomy podcasts over the years. This one is far and away the best. It is the only one I make sure never to miss. Although Mr. Gary is apparently a scientific layman, the depth and breadth of his knowlege of astronomy, and space science are truly impressive. He obviously does not read just the popular literature. He on top of the important professional journals. This enables him to ask wonderfully insightful questions in his interviews of practicing scientists. I also enjoy his condensed audio feeds from space launches. I could go on and on, but I won't bore you. If you are interested in astronomy, listen to a couple of episodes of SpaceTime. You will be hooked.

Most Informative Space Podcast!

All things Space! My favorite Space show!!

Don't Miss It!

Stuart Gary has returned from the foolish cancellation of Star Stuff. Subscribe and get your astronomy and cosmology fix. Welcome back Stuart!

Breaking Podcast

I have learned so much after listening to this exemplary podcast. Good work.

So good!

I just love this!

Glad I found you again!

Thought Stuart was on a long Oz summer break. I'm a long term fan!

Excellent Astronomy and Space Exploration Podcast

My wife and I have been long time listeners to this podcast. We were so incredibly sad when it was briefly cancelled by ABC (Australia). It is a great podcast for those interested in astronomy and space exploration. We appreciate that the topics are covered in greater detail than most news shows give these topics, and Stuart Gary does a great job lining up interviews with real experts on the topics.

Like this one a lot

Nice to learn more

Great show

This show is great.A must for anyone who loves Space.

Absolutely the best

Really enjoy the show.

Incredible Astronomy Podcast

Star Stuff is my favorite astronomy podcast despite some tough competition. Great interviews and Stuart is a pro at distilling the most interesting astronomy news. Glad to have the show back.