May 6, 2020

Old - Very Old

Old - Very Old

The astronomy and space science news podcast.
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 42

The astronomy and space science news podcast.

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 42

*Plate Tectonics at least 3.2 billion years old

A new study has found that planet Earth was already experiencing tectonic plate movements 3.2 billion years ago and that the plates back then were moving at similar rates to what they are now.


*Hubble celebrates 30 years of science

The Hubble Space Telescope has just celebrated its 30th anniversary in space. It’s hard to believe, but for more than a generation now, the Earth orbiting observatory has been redefining our view of the universe providing a new understanding of the cosmos and humanity’s place in it.


*The Sun’s magnetic poles reversing polarity with two solar cycles active at once

There’s been more evidence that the new solar cycle is taking hold on the Sun with magnetic map images from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft showing two separate solar cycle sun spots on the solar disk at the same time.


*The Science Report

China threatens Australian exports over Canberra’s call for an independent enquiry into COVID-19.

Growing reports of young and middle-aged people, barely sick with covid-19, dying of strokes.

Claims 43 percent of COVID-19 sufferers show no symptoms at all.

A new study warns that global insect populations dropped 25% since 1990.

Oil and gas operations releasing the greenhouse gas methane at twice the average rate.

The healthiest way to brew a coffee.


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