June 21, 2021

An Update on those US Navy Tic Tac UFOs

An Update on those US Navy Tic Tac UFOs

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 70


*An update on those US Navy Tic Tac UFOs

Last year the US Department of Defence formally released three navy videos showing encounters between US NAVY fighter jets and a series of unexplained aerial phenomena – what most people call UFOs. Since then, more similar vision has been made public by crew aboard two US NAVY warships. So what are they really – we give you the latest update.

*Studying the atmosphere of a brown dwarf

A new study of failed stars known as brown dwarfs suggest they have a layer cake like atmospheric structure.

*China’s new space station gets its first crew


China’s new Tiangong or heavenly palace space station has its first tenants – a team of three taikonauts who’ll spend the next 90 days setting up the orbiting outpost.

*The Science Report

NOVAVAX completes phase three trials of its new COVID-19 vaccine with stunning results.

A new study warns that cannabis use during teen years can alter brain development.

Bring back to life microbes that have been frozen for 24 thousand years.

The quantum microscope that can reveal biological structures that would otherwise be impossible to see.

Skeptic's guide to those recent US Navy UFO reports

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