May 26, 2021

A New Type of Aurora Discovered

A New Type of Aurora Discovered

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 59


A new type of aurora discovered

Scientists looking through old videos have discovered a new type of Aurora called a called a diffuse auroral eraser.

Mysterious supernova shedding light on the violent death of stars

A curiously yellow pre-supernova star has caused astrophysicists to re-evaluate what’s possible at the deaths of our Universe’s most massive stars.

Defence formally establishes new Space Division

The Australian Defence Force has formally established its own space division with in the air force

The US launches a new early warning missile detection satellite

As tensions continue to grow in the middle east and with China, the United States has launched a new early warning missile detection satellite.

The Science Report

More cases of people getting infected with COVID-19 despite already being fully vaccinated.

New study looks at the openness of gay generation Z and millennial teens.

Paleontologists describe a new species of mosasaur in Morocco.

Paralyzed man learns to communicate by thinking about writing out the words.

Alex on Tech: Samsung unveils its new tri-fold display smart phone.

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