Dec. 8, 2017

95: New evidence shows the Earth got a bigger beating than thought

95: New evidence shows the Earth got a bigger beating than thought

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*New evidence shows the Earth got a bigger beating than thought A new study suggests the early Earth may have been subjected to five times as many impact events as previously thought -- following the big one which formed the Moon. The findings were revealed in new models of the planet’s impact history based on its mineral composition. 

*A new contender in the fight to understand dark matter The road to understanding dark matter is littered with failed hypothesis. MACHOS are dead, and WIMPS are a no show so far. So, say hello to Strongly Interacting Massive ParticleS or SIMPS. 

*New mission to search for life on the Saturnian moon Enceladus Russian physicist and entrepreneur Uri Milner is backing a new private venture to search for the building blocks of life around the Saturnian ice moon Enceladus. Breakthrough Initiatives -- a program founded by the billionaire tech investor is now work-shopping the idea which would take over from where NASA’s Cassini mission left off. 

*Plate tectonic activity on Europa New computer simulations indicated that the Jovian ice moon Europa may have plate tectonics similar to Earth. The findings could have important implications for providing chemical nutrients to any potential life forms in the ocean beneath the moon’s frozen surface. 

*December Skywatch We check out the night skies of December – not only was there another so called supermoon – but the source of this month’s Geminids meteor show – the asteroid 3200 Phaethon makes its closest approach to Earth in 40 years. 

*The Science Report 

New study confirms male circumcision and antiviral drugs dramatically reduce HIV-AIDS infections. New extinct species of marsupial lion discovered in north-western Queensland. New study finds possible genetic factors in male sexual orientation. And we answer the question “are dogs smarted than cats? 

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