Dec. 13, 2019

92: Neutrino's - A New Measurement

92: Neutrino's - A New Measurement

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary S22E92

The astronomy and space science news podcast.

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*A new measurement for the mass of the most common particle in the universe

Scientists have set the upper limit for the mass of the neutrino -- the most common particle in the universe.

*Wreckage found from India’s crashed lunar lander

NASA has found the remains of India’s ill-fated Vikram lunar lander which crashed on to the surface of the Moon during a failed landing attempt in September.

*All systems go for CHEOPS launch

The European Space Agency’s Exoplanetary explorer spacecraft CHEOPS has been slated for launch on December 17.

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*December Skywatch

Heading towards the December Solstice and the rock comet 3200 Phaethon about to display the annual Geminids meteor shower.


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