Nov. 16, 2016

81: Rosetta’s Comet 67P is much younger than previously thought

81: Rosetta’s Comet 67P is much younger than previously thought

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*Rosetta’s Comet 67P is much younger than previously thought 

Rosetta’s comet 67P Churyumov–Gerasimenko may be only a billion years old – billions of years younger than previously thought. The new findings are based on simulations of how the two lobes which form the comet -- came together and remained connected. 

*Solving one of the mysteries of globular clusters 

A new study has finally resolved where the material needed to make new generations of stars in globular clusters comes from. Because the stars were all originally formed from the same material – mystery has surrounded exactly how new generations of globular cluster stars are made. 

*Have scientists found a way to bypass the Second Law of Thermodynamics? 

Scientists have found a way to circumvent the Second Law of Thermodynamics – one of the bedrocks on which modern theoretical physics is based. It is one of a handful of laws about which physicists feel most certain about. 

*WorldView 4 launches on Atlas V rocket 

An Atlas V rocket has blasted into orbit from the Vandenberg Air Force base in California carrying the WorldView 4 high-resolution satellite. The flight had been delayed since September by fuel leaks and wildfires. 

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