Oct. 25, 2019

78: Some Water On the Moon May Be Fairly Recent

78: Some Water On the Moon May Be Fairly Recent

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SpaceTime 20191025 Series 22 Episode 78

*Some water on the Moon may be fairly recent

A new study suggests water ice discovered on the lunar surface didn’t all arrive at once by may have accumulated over billions of years with some deposits being relatively young.


*New organic compounds found in Enceladus ice

New kinds of organic compounds, the ingredients of amino acids, have been detected in the plumes erupting from Saturn’s ice moon Enceladus.


*What happens under the Yellowstone volcano

A new study has found that the deep mantle plume which feeds the Yellowstone super volcano originates from the core mantle boundary under Baja California – more than a thousand kilometres southwest of the caldera’s current location.


*Another look at Ultima Thule

An evocative new image sequence from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft offers a departing view of the Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69 -- nicknamed Ultima Thule -- the target of its New Year’s 2019 flyby.


*NASA’s Space Launch System production line about to get underway

NASA has ordered ten Space Launch System rocket core stages – suggesting as many as ten Artemis missions will be flown.


*New Zealand launches its ninth Electron rocket

An Electron rocket has successfully placed a new technology demonstrator satellite into orbit.

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*Southern Launch signs a deal to fly Perigee rockets

Perigee Aerospace has signed an agreement with Southern Launch to start flying rockets from its proposed Whalers Way launch complex near Port Lincoln on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.


*The Science Report

Air pollution linked to increased cardiovascular and respiratory death rates.

Replacing meat for vegetarian foods would halve the amount of land needed for food production.

People who believe in luck are more likely to become problem gamblers.

The homing abilities of the world’s largest reptile – the Estuarine or Salt Water crocodile.

The dangers of feeding your pets raw meats.

Australian Skeptics release details of Skepticon 2019.


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