Sept. 6, 2019

66: Catastrophic Iranian Rocket Failure

66: Catastrophic Iranian Rocket Failure

A catastrophic rocket failure at a top-secret Iranian missile complex

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*A catastrophic rocket failure at a top-secret Iranian missile complex

New satellite images show what appears to have been a catastrophic rocket failure at a top-secret Iranian missile complex.

*India’s manned space mission set for 2022 launch

India has ordered Russian technology for its first manned space mission.

*Indian space junk remains a problem

A new report claims there are still more than a hundred pieces of space debris floating around in orbit from an Indian anti-satellite missile test.

*Unmanned Soyuz test flight forced to abort docking with the space station

A special unmanned test flight of a new Soyuz launch system was forced to abort a docking attempt with the international space station after failing to lock on to target. 

*Another delay for the first Starliner test flight

The first test flight of Boeing’s new CST100 Starliner crew transfer capsule has been delayed.

*September Skywatch

Skywatchers are in for two meteor showers this month with the Aurigids and the Epsilon Perseids providing a sky show.

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