Aug. 24, 2018

65: New Horizons sees possible hydrogen wall at the end of the Solar System

65: New Horizons sees possible hydrogen wall at the end of the Solar System

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*New Horizons sees possible hydrogen wall at the end of the Solar System

Observations by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft have identified what could best be described as a hydrogen wall at the edge of the solar system.

*America to resume launching people into space from American soil next year.

NASA has assigned its first crews to its new Dragon and Starliner capsules which will mark the return of America to the business of flying people into space from American soil -- that’s something that hasn’t happened since NASA prematurely axed the Space Shuttle program seven years ago.

*Yellowstone super-volcano reveals some of its secrets

A new study suggests that Yellowstone super-volcano eruptions were produced by the subduction of an ancient oceanic plate rather than a mantle plume hotspot.

*The Science Report

New study claims taking multivitamin and mineral supplements don’t prevent heart attacks or strokes.

Claims cannabidiol may have some positive effects for kids with epilepsy.

Using fiber optic cables to find geological faults and monitor earthquake activity.

New clues about the creation of new seafloor.

Skeptics guide to pay to publish fake science journals

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