Sept. 4, 2019

65: Earth Faces Asteroid Close Encounters

65: Earth Faces Asteroid Close Encounters

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*Earth faces asteroid close encounters in three days

Astronomers have been kept busy with four big asteroid close encounters with Earth in just three days.

*Asteroid Ryugu found to be a fragile cosmic rubble pile

Astronomers have concluded that the 850 metre wide near-Earth asteroid Ryugu is little more than a fragile cosmic rubble pile.

*Star stuff discovered in Antarctic snow

Scientists have discovered supernova remnants from a long-dead star in Antarctic snow.

*Dragon splashdown

The SpaceX CRS-18 Dragon capsule has returned to Earth safely splashing down in the North Pacific Ocean.

*Arrow 3 undertakes a successful test

The United States has successfully test-fired its new Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile system.

*New Israeli satellite launched

SpaceX have successfully placed a new Israeli telecommunications satellite into geostationary orbit. 

*Sudden explosion in orbit

An old disused European Space Agency Ariane 4 rocket has suddenly exploded in orbit.

*Japan to set up its own space force

Japan is looking at creating its own military space wing. The move would bring it in line with Russia and China which already have strong military space forces, and with the United States which announced similar plans earlier this year.

*The Science Report

Scientists have for the first time grown miniature brains from human stem cells that produce brain waves.

The disastrous Amazon rainforest wildfires are continuing to spread.

Bank customers have had their details and personal data exposed in another cybersecurity breach.

A last-ditch effort to try and save the Northern White Rhino from extinction.

A new study suggests that caring for a pet may help you maintain a healthy heart.

Apple expected to release its new i-phone 11 on September 10.

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