July 26, 2017

58: Surprising results from new galaxy evolution study

58: Surprising results from new galaxy evolution study

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*Surprising results from new galaxy evolution study Scientists have been shocked by some surprising results showing the early universe went through a period of galactic recession shortly after the first galaxies began forming. The unexpected findings contradict prevailing opinions that the very early universe would have been undergoing a period of rapid growth turning huge clouds of pristine molecular gas into stars and galaxies at rates thousands of times greater than what we see in the local universe today.

*New particle that’s its own antimatter particle After an 80 year long quest, scientists have finally discovered the Majorana fermion, a particle that’s its own antiparticle. The discovery was made during a series of lab experiments on exotic materials. 

*Jupiter’s Great Red Spot likely a massive heat source Jupiter’s Great Red Spot may be the mysterious heat source behind the planet’s surprisingly high upper atmospheric temperatures. The findings could explain why temperatures in Jupiter’s upper atmosphere are comparable to those found at Earth, yet Jupiter is more than five times further away from the Sun than the Earth is. 

*India’s new Earth Observations satellite India has launched a new Earth observation satellite. The Indian space research organisation’s PSLV-C38 mission successfully blasted into orbit carrying the 712 kilogram Cartosat-2 together with 30 nano satellites. 

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