May 26, 2017

41: Mysteries

41: Mysteries

The Astronomy and Space Science News Podcast

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* A Mysterious new object suddenly discovered near one of the best ever studied black holes Astronomers have discovered a mysterious bright new object near one of the best studied supermassive black holes in the universe. The newly discovered object appears to be either a very rare type of supernova – or more likely -- an outburst from a second supermassive black hole closely orbiting the primary, central supermassive black hole. 

*A new look at the dinosaur killing asteroid impact event Over the years on SpaceTime and its predecessor StarStuff – we’ve reported several times on how the KT boundary event asteroid impact -- which caused the extinction of all dinosaurs other than birds -- may not have been quite so deadly -- had it hit just about anywhere else on the planet. Now, a new study takes a deeper look. 

*The truth about Unidentified Flying Objects The idea of alien’s visiting Earth with evil designs in their fiendish minds is one of the staples of modern science fiction. And certainly unidentified flying objects are real – but that doesn‘t mean they're alien spacecraft.

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