May 8, 2019

35: Black Hole Twisting Spacetime

35: Black Hole Twisting Spacetime

Astronomers have witnessed a black hole twisting the fabric of spacetime by its rotation.

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*Black Hole twisting spacetime

Astronomers have witnessed a black hole twisting the fabric of spacetime by its rotation. The black hole’s powerful gravitational pull is dragging nearby spacetime causing jets of fast-moving energy and plasma being expelled from the area surrounding the black hole to wobble so fast that their change in direction can be seen in periods as short as minutes. Youtube video URL: Youtube video URL: 

*The strange star from out of town

Astronomers have discovered a star in the Milky Way with a chemical composition unlike any other star in our galaxy.  The chemical composition of the strange star has previously been seen in a small number of stars in dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way.

*Another successful Blue Origin test flightBlue Origin has carried out another successful test flight of its rocket designed to carry tourists into space.The company’s latest suborbital flight from their West Texas launch pad reached an altitude of over 106 kilometres or 346,406 feet – well above the 100 kilometre high Karmen line which marks the internationally recognized official start of space. Youtube video URL:   

*The first commercial launch for the world’s most powerful rocket

SpaceX has successfully carried out their first commercial flight using the company’s new Falcon heavy launch vehicle – the world’s most powerful rocket. Youtube video URL: 

*The Science Report

Climate change is forcing reef corals to move away from the equator and towards the poles.

Scientists have devised a decoder that can transform brainwaves into speech.

Spending time online or watching TV, especially before bedtime may not be so bad for you after all.

The twins' astronaut experiment provides valuable new insights on living in space.

New research suggests women may have a better poker face than men when it comes to hiding an affair.

Healers frog poison treatment banned following a patient’s death.

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