March 8, 2017

18: Searching for nearby giant planets

18: Searching for nearby giant planets

The Astronomy and Space Science News Podcast

Stream Episodes on demand from or (both mobile friendly) *Searching for nearby giant planets Astronomers believe there could be a large population of -- as yet undetected -- giant planets and brown dwarfs with in our stellar neighbourhood. The findings are based on a study of an association of stars called TW Hya located about 100 light years away – relatively close in astronomical terms. *Supernova 1987A thirty years on Three decades ago, astronomers spotted one of the brightest exploding stars in more than 400 years. The massive stellar blast called Supernova 1987A blazed with the power of 100 million Suns for several months following its discovery on February 23rd 1987. *Rocket Science in the Arctic to better understand the aurora borealis NASA has launched five rockets in the high arctic to provide a better understanding of auroral activity. The program from January through till March involved three separate experiments launching from the Poker Flat Research Range north of Fairbanks Alaska. For Enhanced Show Notes, including photos to accompany this episode: Subscribe, rate and review SpaceTime at all good podcasting apps…including iTunes, audioBoom, Stitcher, Pocketcasts, Podbean, Radio Public, Tunein Radio, google play, etc. RSS feed: Help support SpaceTime : The SpaceTime with Stuart Gary merchandise shop. Get your T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, badges, tote bag + more and help support the show. Check out the range: Thank you. Plus: Get a free audio book of your choice, plus 30 days free access from Just visit or click on the banner link at Email: Join our mailing list at For more, follow SpaceTime on Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+ and Clammr: Facebook: @spacetimewithstuartgary twitter: @stuartgary Tumblr: Google+: YouTube: Clammr: If you're enjoying SpaceTime, please help out by sharing and telling your friends. The best recommendation I can get is one from you. Thank you... #astronomy #space #science #technology #news #astrophysics #NASA 

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