Jan. 20, 2017

06: Monstrous black holes discovered hiding in our cosmic backyard

06: Monstrous black holes discovered hiding in our cosmic backyard

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*Monstrous black holes discovered hiding in our cosmic backyard Like monsters hiding under the bed -- two enormous black holes have been discovered lurking behind clouds of gas and dust in galaxies close to our own galaxy the Milky Way. The giant gravity wells – known as supermassive black holes -- were detected by NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array – NuSTAR – spacecraft by the high energy X-ray emissions they were generating as they feed on anything that ventured too close *More evidence for cycles of wet and dry periods found on Mars NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has discovered what look like mud cracks on the surface of the red planet. If confirmed, these would be the first mud cracks -- technically called desiccation cracks – found by the Curiosity mission. *Cosmic Dust found on roof tops Scientists have found traces of cosmic dust on the roof tops in across Europe. The space dust particles – which are technically micrometeorites – were found of tops of buildings in Paris, Berlin and Oslo. *SpaceX returns to flight status SpaceX has returned to flight status with the successful launch of a Falcon 9 rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California carrying ten new Iridium telecommunications satellites into orbit. The flight was a double success for the Hawthorne California based company with the launch vehicle’s first stage successfully landing on a floating platform in the North Pacific Ocean.

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