July 4, 2015

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 39 - Get In Touch With Your True Self - Jackie Furey

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 39 -  Get In Touch With Your True Self - Jackie Furey

Jackie Furey Talks on Understanding and Getting in Touch With Our True Self

Jackie Furey has an enviable reputation for her outstanding presentations, workshops and consultations on human behaviour and motivation, grounded in her training as one of Australia's leading Psychotherapists. 

Jackie Furey is known for her wisdom, wit and down-to-earth approach and her keen interest in helping people have a great relationship with themselves and others. She helps individuals maximise performance in their personal lives as well as in their professional careers. Jackie also assists organisations in aligning the professional and personal goals of their staff with their overall corporate strategy.

Jackie's talk-back radio show "Bedrooms to Boardrooms" on MIX106.5 is considered by many to be Australia's number one relationship show. Callers chat with Jackie about life, love, work and what matters to them most. Jackie's opinion on relationships and topical issues is also regularly sourced for television and print media.  

Here's what we discuss in this week's episode:

  • What does a psychotherapist do?
  •  Connecting our heads to our hearts
  • How people want a sense of purpose and want to be at peace with themsleves
  • How your past can influence your present self
  • Competence, confidence and courage
  • How do we act from the best part of oursleves- being of service?
  • The key steps to take to immediately understand your best self
  • Getting in touch with our feelings
  • What is healthy fear?
  • Social media- the external critic. Why are we giving it power?
  • TLC - Tough Loving Conversations
  • Explaining Workaholism
  • What is the ultimate similarity between men and women?
  • The one question we should ask ourselves?



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