Dec. 3, 2017

The Mojo Radio Show EP 158: Is This The End Of Jobs As We Know It? - Taylor Pearson

The Mojo Radio Show EP 158: Is This The End Of Jobs As We Know It? - Taylor Pearson

The future of our workday

Taylor Pearson wrote The End of Jobs to show how investing in entrepreneurship can create more freedom, meaning, and wealth in our lives. Taylor spent three years meeting with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, and regardless of industry, age, race, country, or gender, one thing stood out - entrepreneurship was more accessible, profitable, and safer, while jobs were riskier and less profitable. We're racing towards the end of jobs and entering the entrepreneurial era. Here’s what we discuss with Taylor in this episode.

  • How does Taylor reply to the question, "what do you do?"
  • What's changing about the nature of work today and what impact does that have on employees and employers?
  • What does being an entrepreneur mean?
  • For someone feeling stuck, what is the most important question they should ask themselves?
  • Will we still have careers in the traditional sense?
  • How is starting an online business is safer compared to a traditional job in the coming years? 
  • What are the key skillsets we need to consider in this new world?  
  • How to make work a meaningful part of your life and your life one of meaningful work.
  • How does Taylor face his fears?
  • Being a fan of Steven Pressfield's book, The War of Art, how does Taylor fight resistance?
  • Paul Graham's maker-manager-administrative time philosophy
  • Is movement a big part of Taylor’s daily creative rituals?
  • Do we need deadlines and constraints to create?
  • Self-awareness - what has Taylor learned about himself in writing the book?
  • Ego - how does Taylor deal with ego and keep it in check?
  • Isolation and the rise of WeWork.
  • What will work look like in 5 or 10 years? What will a typical workday look like?​


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