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Love these quick, yet incredibly hilarious stories that make you think of your own encounters in dealing with the public 😂

The hilarious untold stories of pharmacy

Helza is such a great storyteller, and you never know what she is going to say next! The stories are outrageous and yet you can still relate to the "joys" of customer service. Can't wait to hear more 😂😂

Rippa Helza

Great Podcast ,with a funny and interesting insite into Pharmacy from the good old days to present times. Hilarious!

Back in time

An excellent listen for anyone wanting the inside scoop on the industry. The stories are told so well, that you feel like you’re there and reliving your own memories each episode. Always look forward to the laughter that this podcast brings each week.

Mike Maynard

Great pod Helza love hearing your stories for laughs & great memories keep them coming

Guaranteed a smile 😊

I also have the pleasure in knowing this beautiful human being for more than 15 years and still have the pleasure in calling Helen my friend ❤️ Helen, your podcast if a true reflection of your infectious personality. You are smart, witty, kind hearted and have a positive outlook on life. I find your podcasts entertaining and look forward to hearing your next one. Xx


No cancel culture when face to face with customers in times past. An honest telling of many and any genuine Aussie it...

Like a ray of Sunshine

It’s a blast listening to the podcast, an insight into a world before my time that paints a picture that despite how miserable some people can be you’ve always been like a ray of Sunshine which is magic. I’ve had the pleasure to experience the genuine connection as a customer and every time leaving the store feeling connected and knowing that people like you make the world a better place.