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Love it

Keep up the great work this is so funny and freaky but in a great way!

My favourite podcast!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful, informative and humorous podcast

Great podcast!

Love listening to you both, keep up the great work!!


Love this podcast!

Always Enjoy Space Nuts

Andrew and Fred are wonderful to listen too. I never tire of This podcast. Thank you gentlemen. They are a perfect compliment to one another.

Great Show

The best astronomy-focused podcast.

Always Enjoy Space Nuts

Andy and Fred are wonderful to listen too. I never tire of This podcast. Thank you gentlemen.

Too many adverts

Good show but it loses my attention when 1/3 the time it’s a commercial or they are pushing gear or something. Just really really heavy amount compared to anything I’ve ever heard.

Absolutely Incredible!!

One of the most informative and entertaining podcasts out there. Huge fans of Andrew & Professor Watson!! Keep up the great work gentlemen!!

Space Nuts Great Podcast

I am an astronomy buff and live Space Nuts. Andrew and Dr. Watson provide up to date info about astronomy and do it in a most entertaining way. Fun and informative podcast. Love it.

Fun and intelligent

This is quickly becoming my favorite podcast. There is always something interesting and the banter between Andrew and Fred is fun and light.

The condom ads have got to go….

Look, I’m an advocate for safe sex, but the condom ads are really over the top. Kinda difficult to listen to the podcast with my kids now. The ads are also about 8db louder than the show. This is the best podcast being produced right now, but these ads are terrible…..

Reign in the Callers

I found this podcast several years ago when Star Stuff kept sampling segments to pad his podcasts. It is a great source of information for laymen and the hosts are amiable and often self-deprecating. I like that they take questions from the audience and tolerate that they have audio questions from listeners. But that’s also a weakness. Many of the questioners go on and on often trying to show they have some level of knowledge. Indeed, one regular caller was actually allowed to co-host and he prattled on so much I dumped the episode. The only time I have done that. So to get that 5th star, be a bit more discerning about listeners’ queries.

Great podcast

Keep up the good work

great podcast

One of my favorite astronomy/ cosmology podcasts. Informative and entertaining. Andrew and Professor Fred are awesome!

Great Content

My favorite astronomy podcast. This is really great content and delivered in a very down to earth format. Really fun to listen to the hosts intermingle some personal stories and background and appreciate that they take the time to answer listener questions.

Joel W

Love the astronomer at large !!!!


Great show, I look forward to hearing it every week.


Dr Cody D Finniessee Enjoyed the podcast

Great content for space enthusiasts

My favorite part of the ‘Spacetime with Stuart Gary’ podcast is conversation with Space Nuts hosts professor Fred Watson

Devoted Fan

I look forward to every Thursday when “Space Nuts” drops in Apple podcast. I love the presentation and humor

SWEET!!!! I got some good ideas for the future

I have been listening to this podcast for a long time, and I have learned a lot more about the observable universe and the non observable universe. Maybe, for future episodes, look into Alpha Centauri. Very cool.

Very Addicting Podcast

Very good podcast because its both funny at times and the information learned from Fred very interesting and fantastic . I wish it was on five day a week!

Best Space Podcast 👌👌

I get all of my latest space news from this podcast! Great dynamic between Andrew and the Professor.

Amazing show

Absolutely love you guys, great podcast, fun, insightful and full of wit! Great to have a laugh and learn something new or about something I’ve recently heard of in the news, keep at it guys, you’ve got listeners in California too!


I love listening to you two. Lots of useful information and great humor.


As a pro intellectual dunce I enjoy this.


Close your eyes and let these guys that you thru the universe. Awesome show!

I love you guys!

Thank you for being awesome and fun and talking about space. Thanks fellas!!

Good show

I like the conversational format and the current space topics. The Facebook page drifts into other topics but I resolved that and other Facebook issues by closing my account.