A humorous podcast about what is entertaining us. A curated look at the content we're watching, what we're listening to, what we're reading, and scrolling through, and discussing the bigger picture… if there’s one!

Hosted by Mark Kuban, Publisher of Inside Film Magazine, and Jackie Keast, Editor of Inside Film Magazine.

About the Host

Mark Kuban & Jackie KeastProfile Photo

Mark Kuban & Jackie Keast

Publisher/MD/ & Editor

Mark Kuban - Publisher of Inside Film Magazine.
Jackie Keast - Editor of Inside Film Magazine

Mark Kuban is a content connoisseur. He is currently the publisher of Inside Film, a magazine and website that reports on productions and trends in content creation across film, television and web. He was the writer and producer of a Nationally syndicated celebrity gossip radio show and a regular contributor to numerous music and pop-culture magazines and websites. As a former record company executive promoting acts such as Christina Aguilera, Pink, Foo Fighters, and Puff Daddy, he still possesses a passion for music and occasionally dabbles in music production, but only after a Negroni or three!

Jackie Keast is a journalist and editor who has worked across both trade and consumer media, including websites, social media, magazines and newspapers. As the editor of Inside Film, Jackie spends her days thinking about film and television, and has interviewed people such as Denis Villeneuve, Eric Bana, Sam Neill, Rachel Griffiths, Tim Minchin, Warwick Thornton. Her stories have appeared in many newspapers and magazines and have also appeared in places like The Australian Financial Review and the PEN Sydney Magazine. She is also the writer of the Planet to Plate cookbook. When not thinking about content she can usually be found on the dance floor.