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Interesting & informative

Great podcast, would recommend!

Insightful and Informative

Always insightful and informative. Wouldn't go to the movies without checking Alex and Chris' views first.


Great to listen to, these guys are entertaining and they know their stuff.


Fabulous podcast.Very informative

Great reviews

Great reviews and full of information.Fantastic podcast


Fantastic reviews.Love it.


I only recently discovered Alex's reviews but so far I love him. It's great to have a view from outside the US that is free from hype and hyperbole. Great to hear about smaller movies alongside the blockbusters. Keep up the great wok.

One of the best reviewers out there

I've always liked Alex's reviews on the radio. Well thought out and his scores always match what I might give. Great to see he's now available by podcast.

I love Alex's reviews. One of the best...

Great to have such a fine reviewer available on a podcast. I really trust Alex's reviews and his ratings are normally in sync with mine...nine out ten times anyway. I love how he reviews docos and quirker movies too...along with great stage shows.

Movie Buff

Fantastic podcast.