June 16, 2016

8: Travel First Episode 7 - Salzburg Austria, birthplace of Mozart and home to The Sound Of Music

Hi everyone...Alex with the Show Notes for Travel First Episode 7. In this episode I take you to beautiful Salzburg in Austria....the birthplace of Mozart and the home of The Sound Of Music. Google says: Salzburg is an Austrian city on the German...

June 10, 2016

7: Travel First Episode 6 - Prague...pure emotion

Hi everyone, Alex with the Show Notes for Episode 6. In this Episode I take you too the wonderful city of Prague in the heart of the Czech Republic. If you've never visited Prague before, all I can say is add it to your must visit list immediately!...

May 31, 2016

6: Travel First with Alex First & Chris Coleman - Episode 5 - London Pt 2 and surrounds

Hi everyone, Chris with the Show Notes for Episode 5 of Travel First. In this episode we return to London for Part 2 of our look at the Capital. If you haven't heard Part 1 yet, you can do so by listening to Episode 3 of Travel First. In this part,...

May 15, 2016

5: Travel First Episode 4 - Scotland!

Hi everyone...Alex with the Show Notes for Episode 4 of Travel First... And in this episode we take you to Scotland...which is so much more than tartan, bagpipes, a military tattoo and the Loch Ness Monster...but they're very important too of course....

May 04, 2016

4: London! - Travel First Episode 3

Hi everyone, Chris with the Show Notes... In this episode we discuss our travel to and around London! We give you tips and tricks to make your visit more enjoyable. Subscribe at iTunes; Stitcher; Pocketcasts; Podcast Addict; Podbean or any good...

April 26, 2016

3: Travel First Ep.2 - Abu Dhabi & Dubai (pt.2)

Hi - Chris & Alex with the Show Notes: In this episode, we continue the discussion from Ep.1 with more on our recent trips to Dubai, plus we take look at Abu Dhabi...which has a lot to offer the International traveler. We also offer up some travel...

April 21, 2016

2: Travel First Ep.1 - Dubai

Hi everyone - Chris with the Show Notes In our first episode of Travel First we take you to Dubai...a destination both Alex and I have visited in recent times. We take a look at the shopping (of course)...but also the sights that you should see....

April 15, 2016

1: Say Hello To The Travel First Team...Alex & Chris

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