June 1, 2019

Ghosted (Chapel off Chapel, Melbourne, Australia) (review)

Ghosted (Chapel off Chapel, Melbourne, Australia) (review)

A brand-new Australian Comedy

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Theatre First Episode 196 Ghosted (Chapel off Chapel, Melbourne, Australia) (review)

A brand-new Australian Comedy

Oliver invites a stranger around to his apartment for some company – and works out pretty quickly that they’re only interested in one thing (it isn’t the wine).

Things go from bad to worst-case-scenario when Oliver’s house-guest attempts to make a covert getaway and gets run down by the rideshare they were meant to be escaping in.

Now Oliver’s stuck with the ghost of a bad decision stuck in his apartment – and in desperate need of a way to get them out. The sooner the better, too.

Turns out a ghost who does nothing but binge-watch TV is bad for your sanity – and even worse for your power bill.

For more information visit  https://chapeloffchapel.com.au/show/ghosted/

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