Oct. 29, 2018

Everything you need to know. AES Convention #145 (New York) wrap up

Everything you need to know. AES Convention #145 (New York) wrap up

Quickbite #1

AES Conventions are held annually in both the United States and Europe and are the largest gatherings of audio professionals in the world. Workshops, tutorials, technical papers and the trade show floor provide attendees with a wealth of learning, networking and business opportunities.

In our first ever "Quick Bite" Robert and George give us the rundown on what was new and exciting on the floor of this year's US conference. From Microphones to headphones to fader automation for Analogue Consoles, the boys lay it all out for you. Just like being there, you will get the complete rundown here, and all in just 20 minutes (but unfortunately without the frequent flyer points).

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