Nov. 9, 2014

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 6 - Ahna de Vena

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 6 - Ahna de Vena

Ahna de Vena

Ahna de Vena is also known as The Sleep Muse, and is an expert in helping you to get a sounds night's sleep. After a 10 year struggle with insomnia and disruptive sleep, Ahna learnt the secrets to a great night's rest, and in this episode of The Mojo Radio Show we share those secrets. Listen as we discuss useable, practical and natural tips and tools for getting a quality night's sleep.

In this episode we cover:-

  • What the major causes of a disruptive night's sleep are
  • Why we don't feel sleepy when we know we should be
  • The seduction of the screen and other sleep hazards
  • The effect that sleep disruption can have on our health, hormones and brain functionality
  • What we can do immediately to get a better night's sleep
  • Where your off switch is
  • Tips for the restless sleeper
  • Sleep hacks to maximise your performance through sleep cycles
  • Tips for parents who are getting up in the night for their children
  • Using light as a simple step to better sleep

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