Aug. 16, 2015

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 45 - The New Voice Of Cancer - Shelli Whitehurst

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 45 - The New Voice Of Cancer - Shelli Whitehurst

The Power of A Simple Question

Shelli Whitehurst has been called the new voice of cancer. Currently facing the cancer battle first hand, Shelli gives us a real insight into what is it really like to have cancer and the emotions that you or a friend may face when going through cancer treatment. If you want to know what to do, say, act or feel when you or a loved one have cancer, then you are going to draw so much from this chat. This is such an important conversation that will change not just your world, but give you the thinking and actions to be taken to truly support those facing terminal disease. 

Here's what we talk to Shelli about in this week's show:-

  • Shelli’s Cancer coming out
  • I’m not fine!
  • The two sides of "I'm fine" are we really ok, and what should we do when someone tells us they are fine
  • How does it actually feel to have cancer or another terminal disease?
  • What do you say to someone who has cancer?
  • The power of asking “how does it feel to have cancer?”  “How are you feeling about ….?” or  “ I am here to listen”
  • Shelli gives her pre-cancer self some solid, serious advice…. We all need to hear it!
  • What advise are we actually giving ourselves that we really need to listen to and take action on
  • How priorities change when you are diagnosed
  • Busy is boring
  • Has cancer changed Shelli's view of the afterlife?
  • Kit for Cancer - The perfect gift and ice breaker for a cancer patient



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