May 11, 2015

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 32 - Expert Health, Wellness & Energy Advice - Shawn Stevenson

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 32 - Expert Health, Wellness & Energy Advice - Shawn Stevenson

Getting Your Mental and Physical Mojo Working

Shawn Steveson has regularly been the No.1 podcast in health on iTunes. With millions of downloads, The Shawn Stevenson Model Health Show is changing lives. In this show, we go deep on a variety of topics to help you get mentally and physically strong. Shawn's mission is to help you become the strongest, healthiest, happiest version of yourself. He believes that we all are AMAZING people just the way we are right now. But also believes that there is a “greater” version of us that can be accessed through the right nutrition, exercise, and transformational mindset.

In this show with Shawn we cover:

  • Shawn's backstory and how he took his health into his own hands 
  • The power of making a decision - strengthen your decision making muscle
  • How movement and nutrition together can heal your body
  • What part is stress playing in our health?
  • Is cortisol damaging?
  • We discuss envy, empathy and emotions
  • Treating the cause and not the symptom
  • You are what you ate - ate!
  • What has had a profound impact on your performance in the last 12 months?
  • The gift Shawn's Grandmother gave him




Shelli Whitehurst

Shelli Whitehurst is currently living with an agressive form of cancer. Whilst on the 2015 Tour de Cure, Gary talked to Shelli about facing cancer and the lessons Shelli has learnt from her treatments.

In this show with Shelli we cover:

  • What lessons has cancer taught you?
  • Busy is boring
  • What is enough?
  • Cancer is about learning to live
  • Talking about thr Tour de Cure experience 




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