Dec. 21, 2014

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 12 - Glenn Capelli

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 12 - Glenn Capelli

Glenn Capelli - How to Learn Better, Think Better, Create Better

Learn better, think better and create better.

Glenn Capelli is one of the world's leading presenters on learning and creativity. Glenn speaks to audiences around the world on how we can better educate ourselves and others and in doing so unlcok their great creative ideas. In this fascinating interview you will hear Glenn discuss how to learn better, think better, create better.


  • Quiddity - what are you about?
  • Why do so many people support Collingwood?
  • Intelligence comes in many colours
  • How to use language and behaviours to bring the best out of children
  • Empowering language for leaders
  • What can we learn from struggle?
  • Why journalling is so important?
  • The three Russian brothers and their slighty mad cousin - Moreof, Lessof, Ridof, Tossin
  • How can we immediately improve our brainstorming sessions?
  • How to develop more ideas?
  • What is Widezen?

Great questions to help unlock your ideas.




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