Dec. 7, 2014

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 10 - Bart Pawlak

The Mojo Radio Show - EP 10 - Bart Pawlak

Bart Pawlak

Look inside for your great ideas.

Bart Pawlak is the executive creative director of George Patterson Y & R. He is one of the best creatives in the country and is well placed to share tips and tools to help make your brand and your communication the best it can be. If you are determined to ensure your marketing and brand message is truly compelling for your customers or clients you will love this episode. Learn how to write clever strategic creative that appeals to your customers or clients.

-    What can a brand do to build trust today?

-    Making your message resonate and work with your customers and clients

-    Utilising the power of emotional vs rational messaging

-    What are the common mistakes brand owners make when communicating?

-    What makes a great marketing and brand person?

-    The interrogation of your brand

-    What are the first steps to create a brand if you are a start up?

-    How can we go about unlocking your children's imagination and creativity?

-    How can we as parents show our children the way to creativity and imagination?

-    The best creative tip for writing great copy


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