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Great voice, music and entertaining stories

Love listening to these quirky stories and the background music really sets the mood for each of them. Look forward to each new release.

Very Listenable.

Love the presentation and mood. Great boomng voice full of charechter. Keep em' coming


Fabulous story. Love the read Great voice


Theses guys are awesome. Love your work

Love these Stories

Entertaining, thought provoking. Love the voice & music. 5 stars

Tall Tales Short Yarns

Such a great soothing voice, fantastic music.. love the stories. Iā€™m hooked. This kids alright... fantastic work..

A great teller of tales

The simple artistry of a great voice enhances the listening pleasure of some very entertaining tales, a great listen.

Tall tales and short yarns

These short stories are interesting and thought provoking.They are also quite different and really easy to listen to. Iā€™m looking forward to hearing more. šŸ‘

I LOVE these stories!

Short, poignan, engaging and touching. What more could you want from a short story. Well done....