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One of my favs

I love listening to Ella talk to people in the entertainment industry. Most interviews are done with joy and excitement. You will hear many stories from people who will inspire you and make you laugh. I'm very happy to say I listen to Ella every chance I get.

Love this podcast

Great interviews and insights.


Love the theme! It’s really nice to hear from people who are working hard to fulfill their dreams. I find it inspiring. Thanks!!

Very cool!

Cool concept! Perfect for those wanting to make it in entertainment/Hollywood. Great work, Ella!


Well Done Ella. Really entertaining!!

Just found my new podcast !

Get lost in the creatives' journey in today's Hollywood. Miss Ella James and her chocolate smooth voice delights, entertains and extracts confession-booth-worthy tips from her enthralled line up of talented guests. Fixing dinner or commuting to work is always better when you 'Take Fountain'.

Take Fountain with Ella James

Ella is a fantastic interviewer. She asks insightful, interesting questions in a relaxed and fun way. I loved it! Looking forward to the next one!


I love this. An insiders look at making it in Hollywood. And Ella has such a beautiful voice!

Love miss Ella's spirit!

I listen to podcasts when I workout and was craving something new that I could relate to. This one hit the spot! Ella is charming, witty and makes you feel like you part of the show. Great energy!