Oct. 8, 2021

Your Star Signs Report for October 8 2021

Steve Murphy’s Star Signs
October 8, 2021
Series 02 Episode 28
Why have we been experiencing so many delays? You can feel it everywhere.
Well, blame it on planetary retrograde activity, however it starts to significantly lift as soon as late Sunday,...

Steve Murphy’s Star Signs
October 8, 2021
Series 02 Episode 28
Why have we been experiencing so many delays? You can feel it everywhere.
Well, blame it on planetary retrograde activity, however it starts to significantly lift as soon as late Sunday, October 10.
What does it all mean for your your Stars from this weekend? Listen in to this new report plus, I explain which Starsigns are seeing good news.
Thankyou for listening - Have a happy weekend.

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Star Signs S02E28 for October 8 2021

Hello friends got heavy with us again, and those weeks roll quickly by don't they, I think everybody's saying the same thing. Where did the days go? Where do the weeks go? The months go. And, uh, we'll also see 20, 21 go very shortly as well now. Steve Murphy with you and the stars outlook. I just did a little bit of research before I came on with you today.

Uh, we have the planet Mars in Capricorn, uh, which is stirring things up for you copies. It's also very good for Torrin's and Virgo range. The signs, because with Mars there, it's going to give all of us a lot of energy in a certain area of our lives. And it does have a little bit to do with our reading for today.

Libra, you have mercury retrograde until October 19, so we're trying to avoid signing contracts. If you can, at the moment. Uh, trying to delay it, not literally on everything that you're doing, but just to perhaps go over what you are signing at the moment and review it carefully, uh, Scorpio. We've got Venus in your money house, which moves in there today.

And Sagittarius it's very good for you because you're feeling. Like you just want to reinvent yourself in some way, because Venus has moved into your side over several weeks, which is a nice feeling. And we have Jupiter in Aquarius, which is richer grade. It has been for several months. Uh, that's retrograde until October 17 and also Saturn is retrograde.

Um, till Sunday, uh, which has been causing a lot of angst and also delay as well. So that moves forward. See all this planetary retrograde activity, you may feel like you're just stuck or things aren't moving along as quickly as what you would like. But it does say progress says of late at weekend, moving into next week, particularly let's have a look at the stars for this.

Aries this weekend for you, motivation and energy to achieve plans connected with your business and personal context is very good, but work is required around your home Taurus this weekend for you as of Friday, the 8th of October and beyond your health and wellbeing is important and you look forward to improving your lifestyle.

At the moment, you may also get feedback on. Mashed up Gemini this weekend for you can offer you romance in several ways. It may be an attractive person that soon enters your life or a special interest that captures your attention. Can Syrians this weekend for you as of Friday, the 8th of October, your relationship with parents, aunties, uncles, siblings, cousins, and grandparents is more obvious from now on your home.

Here's where you're going to be spending some more energy. And this is over several weeks. Some of you may even be planning to sell your home or renegotiate a lease. It's all about your home. Can Syrians Leo this weekend for you. Your social life will get a spike from now on not just this weekend, but over several weeks, but look out for extra activity on the internet, a social.

Or from a family member Virgo this weekend for you, it's time to re organize your finances, possibly banking or tax. However, this weekend can spell luck with your money liberal, so much activity happening around you. Liberals, you probably feeling a job wanting to get motivated here and with the sun and the Mars in your sign.

You have energy and you have enthusiasm. Many of you do anyway to change your current setup. Uh, look, perhaps many of you are just wanting to reinvent your life at the moment. And this can also take a little bit of time, but at least you've got the enthusiasm to negotiate this LeBron's next week, though.

Is going to give you this new found competence it's going to come forward. And I think that's got a lot to do with these planets that have been retrograde. Uh, they're going to move forward and you're going to be feeling a whole lot different. So I'm pleased to tell you that Scorpio this weekend for you, with Venus moving into your financial sector from today and over several weeks, it spells good luck and optimism with your money.

I'm not encouraging. Gambling, but you're going to feel pretty good about your money. And I think you may even find the perfect purchase if you will, or a bargain, but it's got a lot to do here with your money. And I feel you're going to have some good luck around your finances. Good luck, Scorpio, Sagittarius, look out to make changes to your appearance, your clothes, hair, teeth, face, and image.

And even your reputation over several weeks, a favorable outcome is highly likely for. I also think Sagittarius whilst I was writing this with you, uh, I think somebody is going to come out of your past. Uh, you may be hearing from somebody that you haven't heard of, or from in such a long time, look out for this.

It's a big maybe Capricorn this weekend for you. What do you really want for yourself and your future from now on? You'll get a real sense of knowing, also look out to Sue the problem. From your past Aquarius this weekend for you, there's hope in the air as restrictions that have been placed upon yourself, begin to weaken, but the opportunity to enjoy friendships will give you a delightful lift and possibly also to your life generally, which we'll be pleased to hear also with Jupiter, the planet.

Bundance and expansion Aquarians. And this is in your sign right up until the end of December. So you can expect as of next week with this retrograde activity lifting around the Jupiter, you will find things start to move forward. And this could also be as subtle as teachers or opportunities. Entering into your life.

No doubt. You'll see a big shift coming up towards the late part of October and into November. Good luck finally, Pisces, let's have a look at you for this weekend. Starting Friday, the 8th of October, you're headed to the shop. Or online purchasing it's as Frank as there. So it looks like you're going to be spending money here, but possibly on something, uh, on yourself, it could be with a partner, but I feel it's more so to do with yourself.

However, your home can take most of your attention for the moment and that's going to go right up until the last week of October Pisces. That's the stars for this weekend. I'll be back again on Monday with a brand new report for you. This is Steve Murphy. Have a great time. Wherever you are. I'll leave you with my favorite saying is always what you want.

It wants you to. Bye now.