Feb. 6, 2023

S04E05: Your Star Signs Report w/c February 6, 2023

Hello friends, Steve Murphy with you and welcome back to our stars forecast for yet another brand-new week already, Monday the 6th of February. And we still have the sun in Aquarius at the moment, Leo friends and Aquarian friends will certainly be...

Hello friends, Steve Murphy with you and welcome back to our stars forecast for yet another brand-new week already, Monday the 6th of February. And we still have the sun in Aquarius at the moment, Leo friends and Aquarian friends will certainly be feeling this, Leo friends more so through partnerships and their associations. And Aquarians taking control, I certainly hope you are Aquarians with your life at the moment. There's an opportunity to reclaim your life and to celebrate just you and all the things that you want to do, particularly heading into this year. But how is it affecting all the sun signs at the moment with the sun in Aquarius? Listen up Star Signs podcast is heard on www.bitesz.com , Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, Podchaser, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Goodpods etc. Stream from: https://www.bitesz.com/show/steve-murphys-star-signs-astrology-and-numerology-reports/ Disclaimer, any advice, action, reaction or direction taken as a result of listening to the following presentation is purely at the listeners’ discretion and is viewed for the purposes of entertainment only. Follow Steve on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/birthdaysuperstars If you love the podcast, please get someone else to listen too. Thank you… For more podcasts visit our HQ at https://bitesz.com #aries #sagittarius #cancer #leo #virgo #aquarius #taurus #gemini #libra #scorpio #capricorn #pisces #horoscopes #numerology #forecast #astrologyforecast #podcast #starsigns


1 00:00:00,090 --> 00:00:00,862 Hello friends. 2 00:00:00,996 --> 00:00:07,694 Steve Murphy with you and welcome back to our Stars forecast for yet another brand new week. 3 00:00:07,732 --> 00:00:16,462 Already Monday, the 6 February, and we still have the sun in Aquarius at the moment. 4 00:00:16,596 --> 00:00:21,166 Leo friends and Aquarian friends will certainly be feeling this. 5 00:00:21,268 --> 00:00:27,654 Leo friends more so through partnerships and their associations and Aquarians taking control. 6 00:00:27,772 --> 00:00:31,766 I certainly hope you Aquarians with your life at the moment. 7 00:00:31,868 --> 00:00:41,946 There's an opportunity to reclaim your life and to celebrate just you and all the things that you want to do, particularly heading into this year. 8 00:00:42,048 --> 00:00:49,066 But how is it affecting all the sun signs at the moment with the sun in Aquarius? Listen up. 9 00:00:49,088 --> 00:00:52,934 This week Aries, for you, it's all about your friendships at the moment. 10 00:00:52,992 --> 00:01:10,814 This has been going on for a couple of weeks and I was talking about new friendships around you, this perhaps old friendships that you haven't seen or heard of in quite a while, and even an opportunity to join clubs or experience new people, new situations. 11 00:01:10,862 --> 00:01:16,706 If you're not searching for the Mary's, they're certainly coming towards you or there's opportunities around you. 12 00:01:16,808 --> 00:01:20,562 But this week, do make contact with your friends and your associations. 13 00:01:20,706 --> 00:01:24,262 Call up a friend that you haven't seen or heard from in a while. 14 00:01:24,316 --> 00:01:27,814 And this, of course, may also be happening for you. 15 00:01:27,932 --> 00:01:37,740 You will also find that you're a little better organized with money matters too, over this next couple of weeks, and you're moving ahead with confidence in that area. 16 00:01:38,110 --> 00:02:11,202 Taurus this week for you, as of Monday, the 6 February, is it time to rethink about your working life? Are you happy in your current job? Are you getting a little bit restless in this area or on another set of circumstances? Do you have your bosses or superiors or people in authority looking upon you favorably? I do think that it's an ideal time here to be progressing ahead with your work, possibly a career, but you're also reviewing possibilities. 17 00:02:11,346 --> 00:02:15,942 It could be a time to expand in this area with your working life. 18 00:02:15,996 --> 00:02:20,866 Taurus and you've got a few more days left, a couple of weeks left to make these decisions. 19 00:02:20,898 --> 00:02:28,774 But overall at the moment, the sun is shining on this area in your life and it should be presenting you with a few positive possibilities. 20 00:02:28,902 --> 00:02:32,214 You can also look out to be dealing with authority figures. 21 00:02:32,262 --> 00:02:40,974 I again feel that this is going to be positive around you, and if they're not authority figures, you may be dealing with parents or making decisions in this area. 22 00:02:41,092 --> 00:02:41,626 Good luck. 23 00:02:41,658 --> 00:02:51,602 Taurus gemini this week for you, as of Monday, the 6 February, welcome to a mostly carefree couple of weeks. 24 00:02:51,656 --> 00:02:59,000 Gemini ahead you will be thinking here, many of you, about further education. 25 00:02:59,690 --> 00:03:12,230 Perhaps this is a course you could have been on the internet here you may have been over the last few weeks or even months before thinking about doing a course or a study advancing your skills. 26 00:03:12,310 --> 00:03:14,294 This is not necessarily through boredom. 27 00:03:14,342 --> 00:03:18,378 I think it's just you wanting to advance yourself in some way. 28 00:03:18,544 --> 00:03:23,694 It could have a little bit of spirituality attached to it. 29 00:03:23,732 --> 00:03:56,982 So whether this is something to do with the church or people connected with a spiritual organization, perhaps even a charity organization, are these organizations overseas or are you dealing with people or institutions, educational interests from overseas? It's a huge wheel here that we're spinning and you may not even be involved with these things, but something of a learning matter or an educational interest here is around you. 30 00:03:57,036 --> 00:04:01,170 You're wanting to advance yourself and the time couldn't be better. 31 00:04:01,260 --> 00:04:09,738 I do feel there's going to be a couple of changes coming up in another few weeks time, so your interests will then evolve on from where they are now. 32 00:04:09,824 --> 00:04:13,854 But at the moment this could be about teaching, it could be about learning. 33 00:04:13,972 --> 00:04:17,194 So good luck with these new courses that may be in the background. 34 00:04:17,242 --> 00:04:25,300 Gemini cancerian is a busy cycle for you and it has been for many, many years. 35 00:04:25,910 --> 00:04:40,290 Over the last twelve years, particularly with the planet Pluto, the life changer, it's been directly opposite your sign, but its journey is about to come to an end next month that you will see a reprieve. 36 00:04:40,450 --> 00:04:45,522 This has been sort of coming from your associations or your partnerships. 37 00:04:45,586 --> 00:04:53,418 Cansarians where you've seen not only authority figures, but people who are significant to you. 38 00:04:53,584 --> 00:05:06,094 Perhaps there's been some challenges in this area, but they've been wanting to enhance your life or enhance the associations in direct contrast with you being with them. 39 00:05:06,212 --> 00:05:13,474 So this is coming to a close, but the lessons that have been learnt over this cycle are starting to fade away now. 40 00:05:13,512 --> 00:05:25,922 So they're becoming not so much important this week, however, and moving into the week after, you will find that your magnetism is shining like no other star sign. 41 00:05:26,056 --> 00:05:33,526 Can Syrians it's a week to charm other people and you will find that people are looking upon you. 42 00:05:33,548 --> 00:05:43,558 It's been quite charismatic, but what does all this mean? Well, it does suggest that there is going to be some sort of shared arrangement to be discussed. 43 00:05:43,654 --> 00:05:54,046 What are you sharing with others, be it conversations or even something of a material nature? Teamwork is important and that's what's on the table over these next couple of weeks. 44 00:05:54,148 --> 00:06:02,638 But the sun is shining in this area of your life and it's illuminating areas that otherwise weren't more obvious to you. 45 00:06:02,724 --> 00:06:09,986 So you will find that if any shady matters were around you, they're going to be resolved over this next couple of weeks. 46 00:06:10,088 --> 00:06:10,526 Good luck. 47 00:06:10,558 --> 00:06:17,414 Can Syrians leo, we have the full moon just past in your sign. 48 00:06:17,532 --> 00:06:21,286 You may have been seeing the end of something here. 49 00:06:21,468 --> 00:06:25,446 However, there is a new approach that's going to come into your life. 50 00:06:25,628 --> 00:06:27,510 This relief of sorts. 51 00:06:27,850 --> 00:06:39,546 It seems to be something that has built up what has come to a head over these last couple of weeks and we're even in this cycle still with you, Leo, at the moment. 52 00:06:39,648 --> 00:06:45,966 So something needs closure and whether this full moon in your sign has a bit to do with it. 53 00:06:45,988 --> 00:06:54,610 What does a full moon mean? It's certainly illuminating all these issues around you at the moment for some of you, but they may not be an issue. 54 00:06:54,760 --> 00:07:16,998 What has outlived its use by date? What duty or responsibility has been carrying on around you, Leo, over the last six to twelve months? And are you ready or glad to say goodbye to it? The full moon in your sign, which picked on Monday morning around about 530 in Australia 05:30 A.m.. 55 00:07:17,084 --> 00:07:24,982 It should bring closure or help you resolve any unfinished matters and it's affording you of this new beginning. 56 00:07:25,046 --> 00:07:37,594 And some of you may not even be thinking, where do I go next? Or what do I want to do next? But over the next couple of weeks you'll get a better, clearer picture of where you are heading. 57 00:07:37,722 --> 00:07:39,418 Just one more thing here, Leo. 58 00:07:39,514 --> 00:07:41,934 Be careful of misplacing things. 59 00:07:42,052 --> 00:07:53,346 You may be this week looking at putting something down and you think, where did I put it? And it could be something as humble as jewelry, car keys or a watch. 60 00:07:53,448 --> 00:08:00,342 So just make sure you're careful of everything that you're placing in a particular area over this next couple of weeks. 61 00:08:00,396 --> 00:08:01,510 Good luck, Leo. 62 00:08:02,250 --> 00:08:09,862 Virgo, we see the moon in your sign from Monday the 6 February. 63 00:08:09,926 --> 00:08:12,294 It's in your sign right through until Thursday. 64 00:08:12,422 --> 00:08:16,300 So this is bringing extra confidence around you. 65 00:08:16,670 --> 00:08:20,702 Several matters around you are also coming to a head at the moment. 66 00:08:20,756 --> 00:08:31,390 The moon is going to give you the confidence to either correct situations here or clear them aside, which is giving you more freedom. 67 00:08:31,970 --> 00:08:39,742 What you actually want at the moment, Virgo, is certainly going to be influencing your actions. 68 00:08:39,886 --> 00:08:42,802 So here is the moon in your sign this week. 69 00:08:42,936 --> 00:08:54,614 Finally, it's pulled into your port and it's giving you the confidence to act and move along with a great deal of confidence and dare anyone who stands in your way. 70 00:08:54,652 --> 00:08:59,958 You're clearly thinking, making these decisions for yourself and moving along with confidence. 71 00:09:00,134 --> 00:09:08,966 There could be some liaison with a person who is a teacher or somebody who is in a teaching capacity, possibly a director. 72 00:09:09,078 --> 00:09:22,990 Are you answerable to somebody who's giving you directions? Again, there's a great deal of diplomacy that's happening this week and I should see no problems here in this area for you, possibly a male, but good luck, Virgo. 73 00:09:27,030 --> 00:09:31,742 Libra, this week for you on Thursday through to Saturday. 74 00:09:31,886 --> 00:09:36,598 So a few days away, we do see the moon moving into your sign. 75 00:09:36,684 --> 00:09:38,514 Again, like virgo. 76 00:09:38,642 --> 00:09:44,594 Whenever we see the moon in our signs, it allows us to move along smoothly. 77 00:09:44,722 --> 00:09:47,994 Whether you look up your moon sign too. 78 00:09:48,032 --> 00:10:03,630 By the way, Libra, do you have the moon in your astrology chart? In your natal chart? Is the sun in a favorable position with you at the moment in harmony with this moon capital? Yes. 79 00:10:03,780 --> 00:10:10,382 So I see a really wonderful week for many of you coming up over these next few days. 80 00:10:10,436 --> 00:10:13,786 In fact, right through till about the 19th, 20 February. 81 00:10:13,898 --> 00:10:16,030 Sunny sky is here for you, Libra. 82 00:10:16,110 --> 00:10:20,974 And I feel that many of you may be dealing with children in some respect. 83 00:10:21,022 --> 00:10:27,874 If you have children or you are associated with them in some ways, you look to be busier than you are normally. 84 00:10:27,922 --> 00:10:32,246 Whether this is teaching, caring for them in some way, perhaps you're a parent. 85 00:10:32,428 --> 00:10:42,106 And if you're not, look out for creative activities, because this is a time where your mind is buzzing and you're on a creative high here. 86 00:10:42,208 --> 00:10:47,930 And then from Thursday through to Saturday, Libra, we see the moon in harmony here with you. 87 00:10:48,000 --> 00:10:52,442 So look out for this burst of energy and a burst of confidence moving through. 88 00:10:52,576 --> 00:11:02,046 You have a lasting impression on a lot of people here at the moment, and some good decisions are going to be made, I feel mostly, though, towards the end of the week. 89 00:11:02,148 --> 00:11:03,470 Good luck, Libra. 90 00:11:04,230 --> 00:11:11,218 Scorpio like for you, a couple of weeks now, it's been all about your home and your family. 91 00:11:11,304 --> 00:11:16,626 I feel that there's some duties and responsibilities carrying over here in this area. 92 00:11:16,728 --> 00:11:18,662 You're certainly aware of it at the moment. 93 00:11:18,716 --> 00:11:21,202 Work is taking a bit of a backseat role. 94 00:11:21,346 --> 00:11:28,582 It's still a responsible area for you, but I don't think it's as responsible as you are around your home at the moment. 95 00:11:28,636 --> 00:11:32,970 There are demands here with your family, your loved ones and the home. 96 00:11:33,120 --> 00:11:40,262 This could be as humble as doing work around the yard or making light adjustments within your home. 97 00:11:40,416 --> 00:11:49,370 It could also be about you considering uprooting yourself and moving into another area, perhaps even downsizing or upgrading. 98 00:11:49,450 --> 00:11:51,822 It's all about your home and your family. 99 00:11:51,956 --> 00:11:55,826 So responsibilities here, too, that have been carrying over from last year. 100 00:11:55,928 --> 00:12:05,474 I think there's an area where this needs to be moved to the side, and you may be considering lightening the load here in this area. 101 00:12:05,592 --> 00:12:12,758 Certainly you're taking steps to change direction at the moment, and this is all about you possibly freeing yourself up. 102 00:12:12,844 --> 00:12:20,920 And these are the decisions and conversations that are in your quarters or neck of the woods over this next couple of the weeks. 103 00:12:21,290 --> 00:12:26,330 I can see a phone call here coming to you, so there's a lot of communication that's coming up. 104 00:12:26,400 --> 00:12:39,534 Whether this has to do with the planet Mercury, I feel it could be something to do of a proposal that is around you, or you're being viewed as a very lucrative source to be bonded with. 105 00:12:39,652 --> 00:12:44,978 And I feel that someone here or something may want to hook up with you. 106 00:12:45,064 --> 00:12:51,362 Scorpio and therefore you will see a proposal or an offer coming your way. 107 00:12:51,496 --> 00:12:56,494 If it's not happening this week, it seems to be imminent over this next three week period. 108 00:12:56,542 --> 00:12:59,990 Good luck, but looks like very good stars here for you in this area. 109 00:13:00,060 --> 00:13:01,218 Think wisely. 110 00:13:01,394 --> 00:13:09,740 SAGITTARIUS from Monday the 2 February, we are looking at you in all of your conversations with others at the moment. 111 00:13:10,350 --> 00:13:13,750 They seem to be a dominant force. 112 00:13:13,910 --> 00:13:29,082 You're very aware of what you're saying, what you're receiving in conversation, the written and the spoken word here in inverted commerce, what are you signing? You're not signing your life away, but you're certainly aware of what you are signing. 113 00:13:29,146 --> 00:13:44,354 So are there papers, contracts, agreements, negotiations coming forth here? I would say that there's a fair bit of conversation here on your place and there's a lot of towing and throwing here and choosing what is best for you. 114 00:13:44,392 --> 00:13:46,466 So you're carefully going through this. 115 00:13:46,568 --> 00:13:48,662 Don't make snap decisions at the moment. 116 00:13:48,716 --> 00:13:56,134 It's not wise to do that, mull over whatever you are receiving and considering and look for the best deal. 117 00:13:56,252 --> 00:13:58,566 This is going on for about ten more days here. 118 00:13:58,588 --> 00:14:03,254 From what I'm seeing with you, SAGITTARIUS, there seems to be some sharp individuals. 119 00:14:03,302 --> 00:14:05,898 They're not against you, they're working with you. 120 00:14:05,984 --> 00:14:18,750 So if they appear to be direct, it's like you playing tennis, you're back and forth here with the ball and you're playing bat and ball and you're looking at finishing up these conversations with a positive outlook in mind. 121 00:14:18,900 --> 00:14:26,958 There is a female, I feel, who is working closely with you and she's also going to be very supportive in these conversations. 122 00:14:27,134 --> 00:14:28,930 Good luck, SAGITTARIUS. 123 00:14:29,510 --> 00:14:38,310 Capricorn, we have the shining warm sun in your house of finances at the moment. 124 00:14:38,460 --> 00:15:18,850 What is going on in your financial sector and what isn't? What is working and what is not? Is there a project that you're about to invest in going forward and is it worthwhile to you? Again, there seems to be people in the mix here of you're looking for the best deal, whether these are people in the financial sector, a financial institution, is it to do with insurance superannuation? What is the best deal around you at the moment, Capricorn? So what we're looking at really is investments, and perhaps this investment is in you. 125 00:15:19,000 --> 00:15:27,890 Are you looking at new projects? Will they be worth your while for the long run? Yes, I do think that they are going to be worthwhile to you. 126 00:15:27,960 --> 00:15:33,350 And if you're not looking for these projects or these opportunities, they're certainly coming towards you. 127 00:15:33,420 --> 00:15:35,490 They're in the background, they're on the back bench. 128 00:15:35,570 --> 00:15:40,250 So go searching for them and make yourself interested here with these people. 129 00:15:40,320 --> 00:15:45,610 Hear what they've got to say, because you're taking steps at the moment to improve your situation. 130 00:15:45,760 --> 00:15:50,178 But I primarily think it's about your money and your earning capacity. 131 00:15:50,294 --> 00:15:51,790 Good luck, Capricorn. 132 00:15:52,370 --> 00:15:54,910 Aquarius happy birthday to you. 133 00:15:54,980 --> 00:15:56,926 The sun is still in your sign. 134 00:15:57,028 --> 00:16:02,590 It is time, Aquarians, to seriously think about yourself. 135 00:16:02,740 --> 00:16:06,306 And with the sun in your sign, it's giving you the confidence to do this. 136 00:16:06,408 --> 00:16:09,298 You're moving ahead without barriers around you. 137 00:16:09,464 --> 00:16:13,300 My only advice here is to think more about yourself. 138 00:16:13,750 --> 00:16:26,790 I don't think we're everly totally isolated and in that capacity, but at the moment you're literally looking you've got license to look after yourself and to plan some things for yourself. 139 00:16:26,860 --> 00:16:31,180 Aquarius so I hope you're utilizing this time over the next couple of weeks. 140 00:16:31,870 --> 00:16:42,000 If you have children, it does seem to me that there is a responsibility around them at the moment, or younger folk perhaps these could be coworkers as well. 141 00:16:43,170 --> 00:16:53,882 You do need to give some assistance to these people because it appears to be a team effort that is around you and you won't be feeling so much isolated. 142 00:16:53,946 --> 00:17:11,814 But in these moments of where you are, are by yourself and you do have that opportunity to be by yourself, utilize that time to get down to the beach if you can climb into a spa or go into some self indulgent therapy because it's going to be worth your while. 143 00:17:12,012 --> 00:17:16,406 These are the weeks in the year which are a highlight to you. 144 00:17:16,508 --> 00:17:23,402 The sun is in your sign and it's giving you the confidence to go through a rebirthing process at the moment. 145 00:17:23,536 --> 00:17:24,006 Good luck. 146 00:17:24,038 --> 00:17:25,030 Aquarius. 147 00:17:25,190 --> 00:17:37,760 PISCES this week for you, as of Monday, the 6 February, you can find that your best decisions come along when you are making them by yourself. 148 00:17:38,210 --> 00:17:43,040 And this week you could be seeking out more private times. 149 00:17:43,350 --> 00:17:46,530 My advice is to rest and relax. 150 00:17:47,990 --> 00:17:52,242 Do not look for extra work or extra activities around you at the moment. 151 00:17:52,296 --> 00:17:54,962 PISCES just take each day as it comes. 152 00:17:55,096 --> 00:17:58,782 You're not being overwhelmed, you're just negotiating the moment. 153 00:17:58,856 --> 00:18:00,886 Don't plan for tomorrow or the next day. 154 00:18:00,988 --> 00:18:06,950 Work in the moment because you never know what's going to happen there at the end of the week. 155 00:18:07,020 --> 00:18:21,020 I do feel that there are a few things around you at the moment as far as responsibilities, perhaps some duty or work that's carrying over from last year, which I feel you must free yourself up from and giving you more time. 156 00:18:21,550 --> 00:18:31,166 But sooner or later the sun is going to move into your sign and you're going to find this burst of energy that's going to be coming in around you. 157 00:18:31,348 --> 00:18:37,214 Just a couple of more things here I think you're going to be considering planning a trip or a holiday. 158 00:18:37,262 --> 00:18:43,362 It certainly looks like it's in conversation here around you over the next couple of weeks. 159 00:18:43,496 --> 00:18:57,862 And also with the sun shining in an area of your life that's calling on you to rest, it's an ideal opportunity for you to be planning long term, not in the short term, but long term here. 160 00:18:57,996 --> 00:19:12,186 There also looks to be some invitations popping up around you as well, with the sun in your sign getting you ready for your birthday, perhaps, but this looks like people that haven't been in touch with you for quite some time, you're warmly thought of in the background. 161 00:19:12,218 --> 00:19:19,630 PISCES so you can look forward to some invitations coming your way or you'll be seeking out more social activity. 162 00:19:20,130 --> 00:19:27,658 And that's the stars for this week as of Monday the 6 February. 163 00:19:27,834 --> 00:19:28,986 This is Steve Murphy. 164 00:19:29,018 --> 00:19:30,126 Have a great week, friends. 165 00:19:30,228 --> 00:19:35,010 Thank you for listening to my podcast wherever you may be, and I'll leave you with my favorites. 166 00:19:35,050 --> 00:19:39,620 Saying as always, what you want, it wants you to by now.