May 22, 2023

S04E20: Jupiter's Good Luck Stars: Astrology Forecast for the wc May 22, 2023

Welcome to this week's episode of the Star Signs with Steve Murphy podcast. Get ready for an exciting forecast as we embark on a new week starting from Monday, May 22. Brace yourselves for the planetary shifts that lie ahead. The recent new moon on...

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Welcome to this week's episode of the Star Signs with Steve Murphy podcast. Get ready for an exciting forecast as we embark on a new week starting from Monday, May 22. Brace yourselves for the planetary shifts that lie ahead. The recent new moon on Sunday, May 21 will have a profound impact on all activities and star signs for the next two weeks. But that's not all, folks! We have been eagerly awaiting this moment for several months now. Brace yourselves as Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, finally makes its move into Taurus. This is fantastic news, especially for all you Taurians tuning in today. But wait, there's more good news for our Virgo and Capricorn friends too, as they share the Earth sign energy with Taurus. Rest assured, everyone is in for a treat. So, what can you expect for your stars starting from this week and continuing until the end of the year? Get ready for the highly anticipated Jupiter Good Luck Stars report. This report will shed light on how this cosmic shift will affect your life, bringing an abundance of good fortune your way. Tune in to this episode for an insightful and exciting journey into the world of astrology. Stay connected to the stars and discover how the celestial events will shape your destiny. Don't miss out on the Jupiter Good Luck Stars report—it's time to unlock your full potential. Stay tuned to the Star Signs with Steve Murphy podcast for all things astrology, guidance, and cosmic wonders. Star Signs podcast is heard on , Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podchaser, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Goodpods or wherever you get your podcasts from. Stream from: Disclaimer, any advice, action, reaction or direction taken as a result of listening to the following presentation is purely at the listeners’ discretion and is viewed for the purposes of entertainment only. Follow Steve on Facebook: If you love the podcast, please get someone else to listen too. Thank you… For more podcasts visit our HQ at #aries #sagittarius #cancer #leo #virgo #aquarius #taurus #gemini #libra #scorpio #capricorn #pisces #horoscopes #numerology #forecast #astrologyforecast #podcast #starsigns


AI Transcript

Steve: Hello, friends. This is Steve Murphy. Welcome to the stars. Forecast for the start of another brand new week as of Monday, May 22. We are powering through the weeks and with that comes changes to with the planets. We had a new moon on Sunday, May 21 so it will affect uh, all activities and star signs over the next two weeks. But the big surprise this week and we've been waiting quite a few months for it too by the way. With Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, it has finally moved into Taurus and it's a great story for all Taurians who are listening in today. Some good news for you and good news for Virgo friends and Capricorn friends being a fellow Earth sign to Taurus, but it's good news for everybody. How's it going to affect your stars from this week on until the end of the year? It's called the Jupiter Good Luck Stars report. Let's have a listen. Aries, there's good luck and growth with your finances and self development. You should find also too, a brother or sister could be in touch over these next few weeks. Plenty of communication going on around you at the moment Aries, but just let's come back to Jupiter. Here it is, the planet of luck and abundance and expansion. It's just arrived into your money house. If you love money and who doesn't, what great news to tell you. It's not all about finances though. It could be about areas of self development and self improvement, but mostly it's about your money. And over these next few months you'll be finding opportunities or uh ways to invest, ways to bring more money in. Perhaps there's better employment opportunities here and also optimism surrounding how you spend your money as well. Great returns here, great rewards going to be happening over these next twelve months. I haven't seen this uh, since 2011 or twelve. This same energy that's entering into your sign at the moment Aries. So good luck with your money and keep alert to new opportunities because your finances are looking great over this next twelve months. Taurus, welcome to a fantastic period for you, the planet of luck and fortune, jupiter, it has just moved into your sign for the rest of the year. Uh, what this means for you is new people coming in. Could be a teacher too by the way, could be several teachers. But this is a chance or an opportunity here to renew your whole life. So uh, you may be getting a little bit bored or restless here with the past and looking to evolve or looking to advance yourself in some way. Well welcome Jupiter into your life because you're going to find plenty of new opportunities and people coming into your life that will afford you this new vista, these new experiences this week as of May 22, you're looking at your finances as well, but aren't you always the richest of the star signs. In most cases, Taurus, it's good luck with your money, but through the rest of the week you will be looking at all communications. Beware though of overindulgence this week. You don't want to be sick by the weekend. Just take it easy. Good luck, Taurus. What a great year for you, Gemini. Coming up for you. You're at the beginning of a cycle that says goodbye to the past. A new you is on the way. The sun has moved into your sign, giving you renewed energy and optimism. Now, not just the sun, but here we have a new moon also in your sign, Gemini. So what a stellar period. You should be feeling this over these next few days, if you haven't already. But this is prolonged. It's going over many weeks here and at this new cycle. Now just take it easy. Don't be too quick to jump on the trampoline of life because you're jumping here with activities, new people, new interests. You're fired up. You've got your mojo back here, Gemini. And all this energy, it needs an outlet. So take your time, write all your ideas down. Don't rush anything. At the moment, I also feel there is new purchases coming into your life. Whether this has to do with your image, the way you come across, could be diets, could be the way that you're exercising, looking after yourself, you're wanting to feel good, you're wanting to feel better. And you've now come to this space. What are the highlights of the year where you're going to start to take action? So don't be surprised if you get a reaction like what's happened to you. You're looking like you've reinvented yourself. And you basically are, uh, gemini over these next few weeks, the sun is shining on you and you can look out for extra activity and attention coming your way. Good luck. Cansarians this week for you, as of May 22, get ready to be introduced to a whole new range of friends and associations, clubs and groups. It's over the next six months, but I've got to say here cansarians uh, many of you will want to be involved with groups and activities. Some of you, though, however, may not want to be. And, uh, you will find that there's going to be plenty of contact here with people. You not necessarily have to do this. Watch for people to get in touch with you or just in fated moments, if you please, where people are coming in around you. I, uh, do think that there's going to be talk of travel around you over these next few months as well. Again, take your time. Whether this is going to come through clubs or associations that you have an opportunity with, all this will happen over the next six months. You're meeting new people, influential people, powerful people, and they're coming into your life. So be prepared, have your resume ready. In some cases, you may not want to leave the job that you're in, but uh, you're also going to be facing opportunities here with these people around you. And I would say you're going to be advanced in some capacity. You may be deeply thinking in the earlier part of the week, this will disappear by Tuesday and then you'll be thinking more of yourself into the weekend. You may want to spend a little bit more time by yourself up until Saturday, but I doubt whether that's going to be happening. Not straight away will you see all this activity with people coming into your life, but it's certainly going to be happening right up until August and it uh, starts to step up dramatically, uh, into Christmas. So a very proactive six months for you. Many of you could be starting a new job too, by the way. Good luck. Leo, this week for you, as of May 22, your working life and your career are ah, set to have a makeover. As you choose to advance yourself this week you can be meeting a new association. Has your career fallen flat Leo? Uh, are you having a sabbatical oriented just not thinking about your career path or your working path as much as what you used to? Uh, whether you were quite focused in this area. It's gone to sleep in a way. Well, get ready to wake this up because uh, I feel that you're going to be having people around you. Certainly situations that are going to make you think about your working life. If it's not your working life, it's something to do with senior types. Whether this is people who are senior to you or they're very mature, they're very well connected. Could be parents, but it also could be a government organization, some powerful lobby, body or group. All these things are coming in around you over the next twelve months. The crystal ball is saying you better get ready with your career because you're about to wake this part of your life up. That's been stagnant over quite a few years. I have not seen this lift around you since about 2012, 2013. So welcome to this new cycle where you've got a lot to think about your future most likely here with your job or your career. Good luck Leo. Uh, Virgo, uh, this week for you, as of May 22, people or contacts from overseas could have a lot to do with your future. Are you advancing yourself in this area, networking perhaps? Or uh, are people from foreign lands coming towards you? They're certainly aware of you and this is why you'll be meeting them over the next few months, the next twelve months at least. But you may be considering also a major move. Whether this is related to the overseas contacts, I'm not too sure. It's all yet to unfold, but there is something of a learning or skilled nature here that's going to manifest. Whether this has to do with the internet or the world of show business, education, religion. It's quite a vast field here, uh, but it's something that requires a skill. And um, these are very well connected people. They're going to be very fortuitous for you, Virgo. Over the next twelve months, the earlier part of the week has you thinking about your work or a career. You're just feeling a little bit emotional about it from what I can see. But this will lift by Tuesday and Wednesday. And you're moving into network mode from Wednesday right through to the weekend, where your friendship activity and your associations gives you a lift and you'll be happy to socialize. Good luck, Virgo. Libra this week for you, as of Monday, May 22, your good luck over the next six months comes from a partner, somebody who is special to you. Are you striking a balance here in this area? I feel this has got something to do with money, could have with investments, maybe superannuation, could have a little bit to do with tax. But there's two people here. One is you and a partner. So good luck is going to come through this partnership. I feel agreements, they're going to be mutually beneficial. If they're not, just let the universe discard of them and bring something else in. That sounds a little bit cold and cut in a very severe fashion, doesn't it? But I uh, feel that there is going to be good luck here with a partnership. Whatever is not working will be mellowed out and you'll come to a mutual agreement here, Libra. But there is good luck here with your finances through an association. The earlier part of the week has you looking at some sort of learning, uh, process. May have a little bit to do with a teacher, but this is brief. I feel as you move into the week, you'll also be thinking about your work and your career as well. Very exciting cycle here. You won't be traveling alone. You've got a partnership or a body of sorts, something that's powerful and beneficial to you. And it's any time from now over these next six months, look, uh, out for an association and uh, even interviews or meetings. You somewhat didn't expect these uh, fortuitous roles or optimism that's coming around. You could have a little bit to do with your property, but think to, uh, think very carefully about moving at this moment in time. You'll work it out. Good luck, Libra. Scorpio this week for you, as of May 22, you're drawing people of influence and power towards you over many months. I don't think you have to seek this out. Just let it come to you. It will naturally come to you. Scorpio uh, people who are very well connected, uh, this would suggest to me that you're going to get some offers. Put your thinking cap on. Think carefully about this. It's not a bad thing. It's an abundant thing. It's bringing growth. Have you got the energy to sustain all these things coming in? I think if you get an offer scorpio uh, you're going to love this. You're going to love considering these new opportunities that are coming in around you. It's very different. You'll be doing a lot of thinking about this. How can you cope? How can you advance? How can you get ahead? You'll do all these things because you've got the right people coming in around you. This has not happened for years. Scorpio so look out for offers. Look out for interest in powerful types coming towards you. The week has shared arrangements at the top of your agenda to be worked out. And then there's this very nice equilibrium that kicks in from Wednesday through to Saturday. Do be careful of purchases at the moment. You may be making some spontaneous visits to the shops and some impulse purchases, uh, take off. As a result. Watch out. Scorpio it's going to be a very good year for you too, here, with partnerships coming in for you, people who are very, very well connected. Good luck. SAGITTARIUS, this week for you. As of May 22, your ruling planet, Jupiter has just made another big shift. It's moved into the sign of Taurus. Therefore, it's almost directly opposite you. You, uh, will be finding that you're going to be getting in touch here with the right people, people who can help you. And, uh, surely this will happen on both a personal and business level. It's a little bit dull compared to the previous years. The big year that's coming up is going to be next year. However, your ruling planet is circling in a part of the horoscope that's going to be very beneficial to you. Therefore, your day to day activities, it does have a little bit to do with work. It's also got to do with your health. So you will be meeting the right people coming into your life to help and advise you, whether you're seeking this out or whether you're wanting to improve your circumstances, improve yourself. SAGITTARIUS you're going to be meeting the right people who will help you. Relationships at the moment, they're very important to you. But I feel you're going to be making a decision by the end of the week. Come Saturday, it's a good time for you. Good luck, SAGITTARIUS. Capricorn this week for you, as of May 22, if you have children, you, uh, can expect good news here. It's around them. Whether this is pregnancies or whether you've got children who are growing up, there's good news around them. They're excited as well. So you may have to just keep control here of this young energy that's going on around you. Some of you may not have children, but I, uh, think you'll be turning your creative thoughts and there's plenty of it. And you've got this new planet, Jupiter, with its new energy here. When I say new, it's an old planet, of course, but it's new, as in its appearance in Taurus. A fellow Earth sign, uh, doing some magical things for you at the moment, Capricorn. So uh, over this next twelve months, if you haven't got kids, turn your thoughts towards creative projects. You may just find yourself swept up in opportunities here over the next six months that are going to be very beneficial for you. This is a beginning time for you, Capricorn. I don't think you'll have to work at it at all. Some of you may be adventurous and ambitious, like you always have been, especially with your work or your career. But these people who are well connected, they're going to bring in opportunities for you. I get a vision of a Ferris wheel. It just doesn't stop. It just keeps turning here with opportunities and coming off the tail end of twelve years, where the planet of complete makeover, Pluto has been in your sign. It's currently in Aquarius for a few more weeks before it moves back into Capricorn, but its work has basically been done. So here we've got Jupiter coming in, the planet of abundance and expansion. It's going to bring the people into your life which are going to help you evolve. I'd say there's a teacher here connected or are you moving into a teaching role? I'll come back to this creative project of sorts. Think carefully, guard your ideas, guard your disposition, because there are massive opportunities coming your way of a creative nature. Hang on to the roller coaster, Capricorn. You're about to go for a big ride and I'll be telling you more over the next few weeks. Good luck. Aquarius. There is growth and optimism and expansion to evolve in your home life and with the family. A father figure can be of great assistance around you. This is a kind man. He's very giving. He's not strict. He sees love and he sees opportunity and he sees faith in you and he's looking after you. So don't question when this good luck comes through. This particular individual, I think it's a man, it's not so much a woman, but uh, this man is an older person, very successful, and I feel that at some point he's going to be looking after you or be very beneficial to you. There is growth in your home sector. So whether the children here are, uh, bringing more children into the world, or you're expanding your home, or you're thinking of perhaps even downsizing, upsizing, moving to a new leasing arrangement, are, uh, you a landlord, are you looking at giving up this cycle or are you looking at more investments? All to do with your home and also your family. I don't think there's time from anything m much else, not so much travel. Your domestic responsibilities will soar, but you'll also be receiving love as well. There's a reciprocal arrangement here and you're being looked after within your home. There's a bit of freedom happening in the first few days of the week. Uh, you could be feeling happy and enjoying your own mood and your own, uh, occasions and your own plans, your own thoughts. The week gets busy from Tuesday afternoon right through until Saturday with your day to day affairs. Good luck. Aquarius. You are, uh, on an empowering journey at the moment. The family and the home will be your centerpiece over this next twelve months. Look out for expansion in this area and I'll be telling you a lot more over the next few months about this. PISCES, welcome to the brand new week of Monday, May 22. Into ancient times, your, uh, ruling planet was Jupiter, as well as SAGITTARIUS. But, uh, these days, of course, and these many, many last few years, neptune is your ruling planet. So therefore Jupiter, uh, the planet of abundance and expansion. It's in the backyard of life here and it's always looking after you. You can expect to see growth in your communications area. Do you have a brother or sister or someone who appears like a brother or sister to you? I feel there's growth in this area for you over the next six months. Again, you won't have to work at this. I feel it's coming in towards you, but I want to come back to communication for you. So are you looking at traveling, looking at moving away from your current environment, looking at expanding your horizon? You could be a little bit restless here in this area. So is there a, uh, goodbye to the traditional home life? Are you looking to move around your area, the state, the country, perhaps even the globe? That's a big call, but it's all about moving on and traveling and communication here. What also represents communication for you, PISCES, is your telephone, your internet, texting, emailing. All these areas here I feel you're going to be addressing over the next six months. You may open up multiple accounts, you may downsize in this area as well. So plenty of communication going on around you. I feel it could also to do with new apps, new computer programs. Uh, it's just huge here. It's abundant. Or are you learning new skills in this area? There seems to be a brother or sister in the background here who could be instrumental in these maneuvers. This week, however, there's a new start surrounding your living conditions, so you could be making changes in this area. It's only for this week and it's only temporary. Perhaps you're emotional about it or you're thinking about it, but there are some changes here going on within the home, and I feel you'll carry this through with success and confidence. What an amazing six months we have coming up with Jupiter moving into this wonderful new area of our lives. Taurus it's going to affect all of us in a good and expansive way. Plus, we've got a new moon this week and the sun moving into gemini. I'll be telling you more next week. Thanks for listening in, friends, this is Steve Murphy. As always, I'll leave you with my favorites. Saying what you want. It wants you to by now.