April 10, 2023

S04E14 - April's Eclipse Period: A Guide to Your Star Sign with Steve Murphy

Hello friends, welcome back to Steve Murphy Star Signs for the start of another fresh new week starting Monday the 10th of April. And we're coming into the eclipse period over the next few weeks. You may be feeling that energy as we start to see the...

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Hello friends, welcome back to Steve Murphy Star Signs for the start of another fresh new week starting Monday the 10th of April. And we're coming into the eclipse period over the next few weeks. You may be feeling that energy as we start to see the star signs getting a little bit more action than usual. Star Signs podcast is heard on www.bitesz.com , Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podchaser, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Goodpods etc. Stream from: https://www.bitesz.com/show/steve-murphys-star-signs-astrology-and-numerology-reports/ Disclaimer, any advice, action, reaction or direction taken as a result of listening to the following presentation is purely at the listeners’ discretion and is viewed for the purposes of entertainment only. Follow Steve on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/birthdaysuperstars If you love the podcast, please get someone else to listen too. Thank you… For more podcasts visit our HQ at https://bitesz.com #aries #sagittarius #cancer #leo #virgo #aquarius #taurus #gemini #libra #scorpio #capricorn #pisces #horoscopes #numerology #forecast #astrologyforecast #podcast #starsigns


AI Transcript

1] Hello friends, welcome back to Steve Murphy Star Signs for the start of another fresh new week starting Monday the 10th of April.
And we're coming into the eclipse period over the next few weeks.
You may be feeling that energy as we start to see the star signs getting a little bit more action than usual.
But for this week, let's have a look at you Aries. from the 10th of April, you're in a personal best cycle at the moment with the sun in your sign. This is going on for about another 10 more days, but look out to be changing your style or your appearance in some way. Now, this could mean a new hairstyle, new clothing, even going off to the gym and looking at your body. How do you feel about your appearance at the moment? Are you seeking consultations even with a doctor or a dentist or entertaining the thought of cosmetic surgery? This is all about your appearance and how you're coming across. How do you feel confident with the way you're looking? And April, like always in every year, it does suggest a new beginning for you of sorts. But here we are with the sun in your first house. So this is about you Aries. Are you confident and you should be with the sun there in your sign? Are you happy with the way you're coming across? Do.

[1:30] You want to make personal changes? Well, that's what's happening over the next two weeks with you. Good luck Aries. Taurus. So many planets here in your sign at the moment. We have Venus.
It's in your first house, so this is about your self-image as well.
It's just about to move into your financial sector.
We also have communication planet Mercury well and truly in your sign as well.
So this is sparking a lot of interest in new activities, new people coming into your life, and dare I say you've got some interviews afoot here, or certainly a lot of communication that's going on. Internet activity, texting, messaging, emailing, phone calls. They're all happening here, Taurus. Many of you may be experiencing some offers here, or you're looking for a new job, or something is at play which is going to give you a new horizon.
If you are seeking professional advice or qualified opinions, this is the week. It's, perfect to do it but look out for some surprising changes coming up. Good luck Taurus. Gemini we've got the Sun in your friendship sector at the moment and I I would suggest that those new friends coming in around you.

[2:52] If they're not new friends, I would say you're enjoying old friends and acquaintances here.
So certainly you're being looked upon here in a favourable way.
And even if these people are not able to access you personally, you may be in touch with them in the internet or social media platform, guys.
But you've got Venus moving out of Taurus this week and it's moving into your sign.
So you will start to feel this change of image coming in around you.
You're feeling good, you're looking good, and people are attracted to you as well, Gemini.
So some very nice vibrations around you.

[3:31] This week could also be lucky and prosperous with the planet Venus moving into your sign.
It's sending good luck your way. Friendships, though, will keep you busy. Look out for invitations.
Cancerians, this week for you, as of Monday the 10th of April, your career stars are looking brighter by the day.
Many of you may be thinking or changing direction. This would also suggest to me that you have people in authority, people in power.
If these people are in a company sense, they may be looking upon you favourably.
And if this is not the case, it could be that you're dealing with a government department.
This does suggest to me that there's some sort of power hanging around in your career sector. So this also could mean a parent as well.
Are you in more conversations with a parent or organizing something accordingly?
Pretty busy cycle for you, Cancerians.
I see this going on for about two more weeks, but look out to be making some decisions with elders or people in authority and you're being viewed upon in a very favourable way. Good luck.

[4:47] Leo, hello to you this week for the week starting Monday the 10th of April. Very nice cycle for you you.
A little bit of angst or restlessness because there is an energy around you at the moment, Leo. It's waiting to break free. It's waiting for expression. It's also creative too at the moment, but many of you may be dealing with people from overseas or foreign interests. Look out for plenty of internet activity and also a sense that you would like to do better. This is certainly the time of the year to put your best foot forward and swimmingly go through these activities with a lot of confidence. You've got a very good cycle coming up Leo, especially in the next six weeks where you'll also be thinking of expanding your interests. Some of you may be in retirement, some of you not, but you will be looking at working towards something.

[5:55] Of a self-improvement lifestyle and whether this is going to afford you of something bigger in a career sense. You'll be considering this over the next four to five weeks. But I do think it has some sort of international flavor or feel to it or a company that you're involved with potentially could be from overseas. Exciting times ahead and there's plenty around for you to be thinking about over the next few weeks. Good luck Leo. Virgo, hello to you for this new week of Monday the 10th of April moving forward a very interesting week you could be dealing a reason why I'm smiling you could be dealing with some people that are affording you of some mysterious circumstances just hold it together if you're feeling like you're on a bit of a roller coaster at the moment just hang on with both hands because The vehicle here is moving quite quickly and there's a few twists and turns.
But isn't that the case with most things in life?
But at the moment you're being asked to hold on just a little bit more steadily.

[7:02] A banking or financial matter may need some extra attention too this week, but I'm going to come back to partnerships for you Virgo. They're more important than usual and could be the reason why you're hanging on a little bit more than usual, but you could be seeking professional advice. I've been talking to you over the last few weeks about this seriousness of sorts with relationships that are coming into your life and relationships that you may have had from the past. They haven't gone away completely. Those people who come before you are sitting in the back benches if they've somewhat retired or they're enjoying a brief sabbatical, but their experiences with you are not to be dismissed. They are here in the background. So So these people that you have met in the past have been for a reason, which is probably still yet to surface.
But at the moment, your relationships are about to get a whole lot more serious.
This is not over just this week or the next few months. It's over the next couple of years.
And I'll be telling you more about this over the next few reports.
In fact, well into this year.
Good luck, Virgo. A very exciting time. But it's going to come through people that you're meeting and also through your partnerships.
Some serious and some not so, but they're there for a reason.

[8:23] Good luck. Libra, this week for you as of Monday the 10th of April, your attractive ways.

[8:33] And I don't just say that in a gratuitous fashion, but you do have a power and a presence around you, Libra.
Never underestimate that.
This is why people are drawn towards you. You seem to be somewhat of a peacemaker.
And not that that's your constant desire, but people feel confident and they feel safe with you because you have this approach to many, many things.
And you will find at the moment people perhaps in power, even business associates, friends, they could be seeking you out over the next coming days.
I don't think this is going to be a long term thing, probably over the next two to three weeks.
But very nice stars around you at the moment.
You have got extremely good luck here through your partnerships.
Now, whether this is evident or not so evident.

[9:30] Just be comfortable in knowing that there's some very, very good vibrations here, zodiac wise, planetary wise, with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good luck.

[9:43] It's in an area of the horoscope, which is directly opposite your sign at the moment.
So people are looking on you in a very favourable fashion.
And as I say before, with these attractive ways and energies that you have putting them out all the time, you Here you're going to be compensated for them in some way. So look out to see some very special people around you at the moment, even if they're in the background or you're wanting to make an approach with them, openly go up to them and say, how are you doing?
Let's catch up for a coffee. People that you've known for a while or perhaps even new acquaintances, bring them into your life here Libra because they're there for a purpose.
And I feel the end result is going to be Quite a few colourful pages opening up for you.
A good cycle, but it's with people at the moment in your life.
Good luck Libra. Scorpio, this week for you, as of Monday, the 10th of April, you can be involved with plenty of conversation and thoughts and plans going back and forth this week.
Also, there's extra importance on meetings at the moment. And I see this going on for the next couple of weeks, your day-to-day activities, the sun is in this area of your life.
So you're having parts of your life illuminated, perhaps just for a checkup.

[11:10] This is your day-to-day plans, your living environment, the people that you know in your life, checkups, consultations, meetings.

[11:19] It's all manner of things here, but nothing too serious. So it's a nice cycle.
And you should be also looking at your health at the moment.
I've got a good feeling around this with your health, but you may be seeking out professional advice or consultations with people who are well advised or they're coming before you to share some good advice with you or some sort of direction.
But good luck Scorpio, a very nice cycle for you.
Sagittarius, starting this week, Monday the 10th of April, a week to enjoy the company of others.
This is a very nice cycle for you Sagittarians. It's been going on for a few weeks and will still continue on for another couple of weeks.

[12:02] There is a little bit of restlessness around you, and I feel that this could be either you're not too sure of where you're heading.
Some of you may be, but others have, others of you, have issues or ideas on the plate of life and you're not too sure about how to go about getting this new plan or concept underway.
So there's plenty of activity, plenty of thoughts going on around you at the moment, and you may be thinking of starting something fresh or starting something new.
This week, I'm going to be talking about the new idea of the new world.
The moon is going to bolster a few things around you. It's in an area of your chart which does substantiate what I was just saying there with this new beginning.
But this week is also connected to your finances. You'll also be thinking about money, bringing money in.
It could also be about winning money or being lucky with finances in some way.
And dare I say, you've probably got some conversations going on that can help you with your finances over this next couple of days.

[13:10] This next two weeks, however, enjoy the company of younger people, children, those of your own or someone else's who can enlighten your life.
It's also a period and a time to enjoy creative activities.
And you're probably bursting with those in the back of your mind.
How can I get them going? How can I get some manifestation happening here with creative interests?
This is what's on your plate at the moment, Sagittarius. A nice cycle.
Capricorn, this week for you, as of Monday the 10th of April, your home and your family, your close relatives, they're more important to you now, more than ever.
And I would suggest here that you're going to be having more dealings here with the family, family, more dealings with the home, your home environment, probably a little bit to do with the garden, but it's a little bit irrelevant.
In some cases it's not that important, it's really a boundary to the living conditions, isn't it?
You may be tidying up this area.

[14:13] Flats, accommodation, open house, renting, leasing, expanding the interior of your home or the exterior, what needs attention in your home at the moment.
These are all areas that you'll be dotting the i's and crossing the t's of.
But I would say relatives also come into the picture here and you may have more conversations, dealings or meetings up with relatives or more to do with them over this next couple of weeks. It's only brief. So use this window while you can because your life's going to be changing in about 10 more days and I'll have more to tell you about this in the next few reports. Good luck Capricorn. Aquarius, welcome to a huge cycle. You've got Pluto.

[15:01] The planet of massive changes and makeovers. It's moved out of Capricorn recently and it's in your sign, it's going to be there for some time. It's briefly in your sign up until about June before it moves back into Capricorn for six months, but Pluto will be then back in your sign in around about December for 20 more years. So it's going to empower you, Aquarians, and you have never in this lifetime experienced the energy of this planet before, but it's meant to be bringing people before you, situations before you that are going to empower you and recognize you and lift you up.
Bolstered here too by the illuminating sun this week, it's spicing up communications in your areas of your life in many ways.
And what you have to say can have a very powerful impact on others.
For many of you though, you may be considering a new car. And if it's not a new car, it could be a used car, but recently new.

[16:11] But this does suggest modes of transport, getting from A to B.
These are a couple of issues that are going to be affecting you mostly through the week, Fridays and Saturdays here coming up, Friday and Saturday rather than the plural. They're going to be your two best days of this week, as we read you from Monday the 10th of April.

[16:33] Lots of things to tell you Aquarius, you're a wonderful star sign, but there are so many things here to tell you that are going to empower you over the next few months and years, and I'll be telling you about that in future reports. Good luck.
Pisces, are you in a good luck cycle at the moment? And the area of your life is about your finances and your money.
I have not seen this for at least 12 years.
All this planetary activity that's going on around you with your finances.
Do keep very aware of what's going on here with your money. I don't suggest gambling, but look at ways with investments, banking.
What are you throwing your money into? Where are you spending your money at the moment?

[17:22] And this is not all about finances. It's also about self-worth here, Pisces.
And the reason why I say this is because the planet Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion, energy, good luck, it's in your financial sector at the moment.
It's hanging around for quite a few weeks.
So at the moment, there is a strong possibility that you are seeking out ways to improve your life as well as your money.
But you may have some very lucky money periods around you over the next few weeks, as I was saying.
So keep aware of this.
Do be careful, however, with Neptune, your ruling planet in your sign, it's asking you to be wary of smoke and mirror deals.
So don't be too quick to rush into anything that may seem too good to be true.
However, it is a good luck cycle with your money. Good luck, Pisces.

[18:18] This is Steve Murphy. Thank you for listening in again. That's the stars for another new week, starting Monday, the 10th of April.
Thank you for listening in today. I'll be back again with you next week.
I'll leave you with my favorite saying as always, what you want, it wants you too.
Bye now.