Feb. 20, 2023

S04E07: Your Star Signs Report w/c February 20 2022

A New Moon in Pisces and the Sun also moving into Pisces plus Venus, the planet of luck, love and luxury moving into Aries. It all means good luck for everyone - and here’s the new report. Have a great week ahead. Listen up Star Signs podcast is heard...

A New Moon in Pisces and the Sun also moving into Pisces plus Venus, the planet of luck, love and luxury moving into Aries. It all means good luck for everyone - and here’s the new report. Have a great week ahead. Listen up Star Signs podcast is heard on www.bitesz.com , Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, Podchaser, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Goodpods etc. Stream from: https://www.bitesz.com/show/steve-murphys-star-signs-astrology-and-numerology-reports/ Disclaimer, any advice, action, reaction or direction taken as a result of listening to the following presentation is purely at the listeners’ discretion and is viewed for the purposes of entertainment only. Follow Steve on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/birthdaysuperstars If you love the podcast, please get someone else to listen too. Thank you… For more podcasts visit our HQ at https://bitesz.com #aries #sagittarius #cancer #leo #virgo #aquarius #taurus #gemini #libra #scorpio #capricorn #pisces #horoscopes #numerology #forecast #astrologyforecast #podcast #starsigns


AI Transcript

Steve: Hello, friends. Steve Murphy with you. And welcome to another brand new week of forecast with the stars. And we're looking today from M, Monday the 20 February, 2023. So much happening this week. We have a new moon in pisces on the 20 February. Also, we say hello to venus in aries and the sun in pisces today. So even in the next few weeks, there's quite a bit of activity coming up. And saturn makes his big move into pisces out of aquarius on the 8 March. So plenty of activity happening for all star signs and all areas of our lives. This week, however, let's have a look at the stars and how they're shaping up. aries, the planet of love and luxury, moves into your sign and life is good. uh, this week, pull back and work on ways to relax and you'll find with, uh, venus moving into your sign, uh, from today 20 February, it does have a slight sabbatical. It is in rest mode for the next few days, right up until the 24 February. What does that mean? You may find that things that you're passionate about, even, uh, areas of love, communication, purchasing, or considering things of a luxurious nature or things that you're really interested in, take a bit of a pause, but after the 24 February, you will find that things start to move forward. venus, this planet of love and luxury. aries, it's in your sign until the 16 March. So you can find extra romance around you, perhaps extra attention, or you, on the other hand, feeling amorous. But, uh, over these next few weeks, just pull back a little bit and that, uh, you'll be thanking your body and your mind for it. Find ways to rest up when you can. Good luck, aries. taurus this week for you, as of Monday, the 20 February, you may be surprised to hear from friends or associates that you haven't heard of or from in a while. But, uh, look out for talks on travel or getaways if you can. You have got the new moon and the sun moving into an area of networking, and this can also be associated with friends or associates. It could even be as humble as the neighbors. uh, but there's a fair bit of communication here from people that you're wanting to be involved with. Associations, friendships or acquaintances, and perhaps people that you haven't seen or heard of for some time. And this is going over several weeks again for you. You may be feeling, uh, rather compassionate about, uh, some people. I would suspect that this could be older friends or associates. And, uh, there is a reaching out process. And if you're not doing this, you could also be hearing from people that are thinking warmly of you. Do consider carefully of any association that may want to get involved with you at the moment. taurus because with saturn coming up, uh, moving into your 7th house by the way, this could mean that there is some sort of seriousness associated with this association. So what are you getting yourself into, taurus? uh, with regards to an arrangement or a proposal? Think carefully about that. It might not be happening this week, it could be happening next week. But in the days leading up to now, are you in conversations or arrangements with an association that's going to see team work here? It looks like a lot of serious work, so take on board, hear what I'm saying and think carefully and consider all options. I'll have more to tell you about this over the next few weeks. Good luck, taurus. gemini a nice period for you. As of Monday, the 20 February, there is a new moon happening this week in your career, in your work sector, and you may be looking at long term plans. This has an authority around it. So whether these are uh, senior types or people that seem to have a lot to say around you, it's not a bad thing. It looks like they're advising you, or they could be in agreeance with you or supporting you in some role. But there's a lot of opportunities here to do with your work or your career. You may be looking, uh, at, uh, situations here. How can you advance yourself in a situation? You're certainly in an area at the moment where the sun is shining a bright light on your career and your work prospects. Everything that is not working in your working life and everything that is working in your working life is on show, not just to yourself, but also others at the moment. So work out what is working for you. Are you happy with it? Are you making, uh, considerations or looking at options here with your work? Because this is the perfect time to do it. I do feel that there's going to be a female ally around you. She looks to be very supportive, certainly listening to you at the moment. gemini and there is good communication here with areas of people, uh, that can move, uh, you forward if you wish. So just watch out what happens over these next few weeks, especially in a work roll, because it's going to be very fortuitous for you. Good luck. Can sirians, from Monday the 20 February, let's have a look at you. There is a new moon happening in your 9th house, according to the zodiac. And this would suggest to me, uh, that anything to do of a work nature, a study, educational area, uh, could be to do with a course or a study that you're taking on. Is there extra internet activity? And again, what is working on the internet and not working on the Internet? Perhaps a little bit to do with social media and you'll be addressing all of these concerns, but it's a good vibration. The sun is in an area of your chart at the moment, which is very, very helpful and progressive for you. If you work in a job or a career with a public, look forward to favorable results. A boss or a senior figure can also make you feel appreciated over these next few weeks. Good luck. Cansarians, Leo, this week for you, as of Monday, the 20 February, just when you thought plans or situations were laid to rest, change comes along and it will happen from this week on. Also, look out for a study or perfecting your skills in some way. There seems to be something of a very attractive nature. And whether this is an industry, a hobby that you are, uh, passionately involved with, look to all those areas of your life. It could be anything that you love or you have an attraction to, because there's going to be a spike, uh, right up until about the 16th 17 March here. So there could be people around you that are involved with these passions or these interests and they're suggesting things to you, or you find a harmony with these particular people or these relationships. Lots of great communication going on here. On another front, there could be issues here of a financial nature that need sorting out, whether this is superannuation tax investments, the sharing of monetary funds, what person or team or organization or a partner do you have, Leo, uh, that's tied up with you financially? You'll be looking at these areas too at some point over the next few weeks. It could be something of a minor situation that just needs sorting. And then again, it could be major structuring going on that needs attention in your financial sector. It's not a bad thing. It's a good thing here. So the sun moves into this area of your life where you're looking to get organized or just plateau with some sense of stability. So, good luck, Leo, over these next few weeks. virgo, uh, this week for you and the stars. As of Monday, the 20 February, the powerful sun moves directly opposite your sign over several weeks and partners and all manner of people will become crucial and important to your plans. So anything that was not clear before in the weeks leading up to now, it certainly will be with a partner over these next few weeks. I feel there's plenty of support here. And this is an area where the sun is moving into your love part of the zodiac. So there could be some amorous occasions here, or you being told amateur you're appreciated. There is love coming your way, there is attention coming your way. And the sun is illuminating your romance sector. It's also illuminating your professional contacts as well. So you will find that there's perhaps opportunities here in this area. But, uh, this looks to be a loved up few weeks coming ahead. And if you're not receiving it, you're certainly giving it out. venus is also in an area of your life which is highlighting your sex life and it's also illuminating your appearance. So, at the moment, virgo, uh, you're looking very attractive towards other people from this week on. Good luck. We're looking at the stars for this week as of Monday, the 20 February. libera, let's have a look at you. ah, we're looking at this excellent and exciting period for you, especially if you are single. And for partners, it's equally as pleasant. A fresh new wave of optimism. libra, it's about to sweep over your being and your thinking and your day to day affairs. You should find that this is a good cycle for you with your health, or if you have health concerns, you'll make an opportunity to have an appointment with professional people and should get the advice that you're wanting to hear and wanting to help you as you move forward. So, generally speaking, this is a good time to have talks about your health and selfimprovement on all levels. So, uh, look out to be making appointments or consultations over these next few weeks. This is also an area where you could be also meeting up with your boss or an authority figure and sorting out areas that were previously clouded. I feel if you are in a working relationship with your boss at the moment, this is a very good period. And even if you are in customer relations, again, a progressive period for you. venus, your ruling plan has just moved into an area of your zodiac which is in your love zone. So you can expect extra attention, not just from your partner, but if you're single, uh, look out, because you are looking also very attractive towards other people at the moment. And you won't even have to try. libra, you're a magnet for attention at the moment. And if you are in a sales capacity at the moment with your job or a consultational role, you'll find that with your customers or people that you're talking with at the moment, there is this very nice, comfortable and progressive response. So look out to also meet new people and people that are worthwhile in your area. Your ruling planet, libra, is venus, and it's looking after you certainly over these next three weeks. It does period, but this week and next week, it looks to be pretty special. Good luck. Scorpio, stars for you. As of Monday, the 20 February, you're entering into one of the most pleasant periods of the year for some point, uh, here that there is an interest in you from other people. And again, this could be from both males and females or people that you haven't heard of in some time. A busy few weeks coming up, the law of attraction is working for you. So whatever you're doing from this week onwards, Scorpio, note it down in a diary, write everything down, because things around you, whatever they are, they just seem to be working for you at the moment. If you have children, there is very pleasant vibrations around you and what's working with the kids, what's not working with the kids that's also highlighted over these next few weeks. Do take some extra care that they're not putting themselves in a role or some sort of exercise or capacity which could be dangerous. Be a little bit more protective of them, not overly protective, but just watch and protect more as a loving parent over these next few weeks. If you are not a parent or you do not have children, you can expect to see young personalities around you. Scorpio or people that have got a, ah, young vibrant energy and they're inspiring you and having you involved in their activities and interests. A good cycle. Your day to day activities should be running along smoothly and I see also a consultation with a healthcare professional or people who are involved in the health industry also helping you or advising you. If you're not making these appointments, you may want to seek out a professional in this area that will help you and you should find the perfect person to help you. Good luck, scorpio SAGITTARIUS from Monday the 20 February this week, you're taking a new approach with your family and your living conditions. Look out for worthwhile changes that are happening around you. I'm, um, specifically going to an area of your home life and your family. So the sun is illuminating this area and there is a new moon in this area as well happening this week. So over the next couple of weeks you could be making some changes within your home or your living conditions. If you're seeking a better environment, this is also the perfect week to do it. You could be looking for a new home, you could be considering selling up. Again, this is an ideal cycle for you. And then again, you could also be wishing to make a major move from where you are. So it's all got to do with your home and your family. And there's talks or considerations here with the home or the family. And uh, you may be making changes even around the home over these next few weeks. A very nice cycle coming up here with meeting new people, uh, over the next two to three weeks for you, SAGITTARIUS now venus is in an area of your life that enlightens your mood with children or family or young people. And uh, you could find inspiration here in this area. But there's a young vibration that's coming in around you, SAGITTARIUS, which will suit you because you're young at heart anyway. So look out for this fun and this excitement over these next few weeks and it's got a young energy attached, but don't burn yourself out. Good luck. SAGITTARIUS we're looking at Capricorn this week as of Monday the 20 February for cappy's, love is in the air and it appears to be working its magic around your home life. Look out also for improved living conditions from this week on and also you uh, can look out for communication with others. Now this suggests to me I'm going to come back to your home life as well. Are you planning on beautifying your home at this moment? You might not be, but at some point there's going to be some talks about cleaning up the house here or improving circumstances around your house. What needs to go, what needs to come in, are uh, there requirements within the home. This is not, I feel, of a practical nature. Capricorn it looks to be you beautifying your living conditions in some way. But uh, there is a new approach that is going to happen in a lot of areas of your life from this week on in the next few days. This improvement I'm talking about with your home, I don't think that that's going to happen before the 24 February. It looks to be after uh, that date. So uh, this also does hate has of a female energy attached to it. So whether there is more response or communication or visitations from females in your home over these next couple of weeks from females or there's a feminine energy, look, uh, forward to this, it's nice. Do be careful of misplacing or losing things of an important nature to you. Whether this is watches, jewelry items, personal items or things of a contractual nature, be careful of misplacing them. Be noting to yourself or putting in a diary or putting in a special place things, messages, contracts, agreements of importance. Do take note of capricorn where you are uh, placing these things. Plenty of communication over the next few weeks. There is a correct way of saying things and there is another way of being misunderstood. So make sure you're being understood clearly over these next three weeks with plenty of communication. Looks like opportunities coming towards you or you're seeking them yourselves. Make yourself clearly heard. Capricorn over these next few weeks. You'll be glad you did. aquarius this week for you, as of Monday, the 20 February money becomes a sharp focus for you as you work out ways to improve your finances. Buying, selling and a possible clear out will be the result this week. Your way with words too will work magic over these next few weeks. There is a loveliness to the things that you're saying. You know how some people can say, oh, that was such a nice thing to say, or uh, that was such an important thing to say. The softer snow falls, the harder it sinks in. That's an old saying but it's very relevant to how you're coming across to people over these next few weeks. aquarius so your words will touch people as both male and female and uh, they could be a little bit older, but they're certainly understanding what you have to say over these next few weeks. The sun does move into an area of your finance. So here it is coupled with a new moon. Are you taking a new approach to finances? Are there options on the table that are going to be presenting themselves, that are for monetary gain? Look out for this over the next few weeks. uh, you'll be sorting them out and if you're not looking for them, I think they're coming to you. So good luck. aquarius pisceans happy birthday to you. The sun is moving into your sign. And we've also got a new moon as well in harmony with you. Many of you could be lucky though, with finances and financial opportunities. The sun moves into an area of your chart that will see your energy lift up. And there are new plans that are going to be unfolding around you. pisceans over these next couple of weeks, certainly watch out for this. And I don't think you're going to be working on it. Some of you will be, but it looks like new opportunities that are going to be coming to you. This could be to do with your image. New shoes, new clothes, new hairstyle. Are you considering doing something with your face, your teeth, your hands are, uh, you buying new things that will enhance the way you communicate or you deal with other people. So there's quite a lot of things on the table here. And the new moon and the sun around you are going to bolster this activity. But you will feel ultimately an energy. The last few weeks you may have felt a little bit drained or withdrawn. You just want it to pull back. But the sun and the new moon together, they're in harmony. And you're going to find this for the first time in the year, a lift. And it's like a second wind of energy that's around you. uh, uh, uh, calling for to get out there and greet the sunshine and the new moon with this new optimism. And it's certainly going to be coming around you, this energy from, uh, March 8, which is coming up. It's just around the corner. Few, few. pisces we have got saturn, the planet, uh, of building and practicality and a little bit of seriousness. You're going to get into serious mode from the 8 March. I'm going to be telling you a little bit more about this over the next few weeks. And you're going to start to get serious, many of you about plans for the future. And uh, there's some people here in the background that may be left behind with this new way of thinking. I haven't seen this for some time around you. Pisceums it's quite exciting. So you've got a lot of activity and energy that's coming around. It's going to reinvent your life. And I'll be telling you more about this over the next few weeks. There is the planet jupiter, also in your money sector. Whatever jupiter touches, it expands and enhances. And this is in an area of your life right uh, up until the 17 May, it's going to be bringing people or opportunities around you and this way of thinking of how can you improve your finances. So, plenty, uh, to tell you over the next few weeks. Don't lose faith at the moment because there's plenty on your plate that's going to be rebuilding your life into the moment. Also bolstered by this new moon and the sun in your sign, quite exciting for your pisces. And also virgo, which is directly opposites your sign. Lots to tell you over the next few weeks. Have a great week, friends. This, uh, is Steve Murphy and I look forward to having you with me on my podcasts and on my Facebook page as the next few weeks unfold. I'll leave you with my favorite saying as always, what you want it wants you to. bye now.