May 10, 2021

New Moon in Taurus | Your Star Signs Report For wc May 10 2021

Steve Murphy’s Star Signs
May 3rd, 2021 Series 02 Episode 17
Astrology and Numerology Report
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“Steve Murphy Star Signs”, for the week commencing Monday, 10, 2021.
There’s a New Moon in Taurus this week. H...

Steve Murphy’s Star Signs

May 3rd, 2021

Series 02 Episode 17

Astrology and Numerology Report

Stream episodes on demand from

“Steve Murphy Star Signs”, for the week commencing Monday, 10, 2021.

There’s a New Moon in Taurus this week. How will it affect your Stars? Listen in to this “straight to the point” forecast.

Stars timing this week. Fast forward to your sign.

Aries, .15 in.

Taurus .43 in.

Gemini 1. 28 in.

Cancer 2. 18 in.

Leo 2. 51 in.

Virgo 3. 45 in.

Libra 4. 41 in.

Scorpio 5. 03 in.

Sagittarius 5. 56 in.

Capricorn 6. 17 in.

Aquarius 6. 50 in.

Pisces 7. 16 in.

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Star Signs S02E18 AI Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello friends. Welcome back to Steve Murphy star signs for another week, starting at may 10. And this week we have a new moon in Taurus, but how is that going to affect all the star signs? We'll have a listen up areas. It's brilliant for your dollars. Earning money, saving money, spending a little bit of money.

It's great. This week with ideas and new ways connected with it. All of your finances, look out for the right people and you at the right time being in the right place to be either spending, saving, or earning money. It happens from this week. Good luck with you areas. And it's a new moon. Bolstering it all along.

Taurus. Let's have a look at you for this week. Starting Monday, may 10. You're thinking about yourself. How strong are you? How strong are your plans? How strong do you want to be? What do you want to create for yourself this week? Tourists? Well, this week's [00:01:00] going to show you and it's a great week to find out, but, uh, it's time in many cases.

To reinvent yourself. So look out for new opportunities and new people coming into your life. It's a beginning time tourists this week. You're going to find out how it all unfolds possibly through the internet, but a lot more social occasions coming up where you're going to get an opportunity to shine the sun and the new moon is shining on your tourists.

Good luck. Gemini. Let's have a look at you for this week. Starting Monday, may 10. This week brings you to a point of no turning back yet. Still not able to fully act on the future. Uh, this will happen around your birthday, but best. From June 11, that's the data of the new moon eclipse that's coming up and it's in your sign, but watch how anything from now can push you along into new circumstances or new opportunities that [00:02:00] are going to fulfill.

Bill your future. There's a lot happening around you this week on for you Gemini. Also look out for a surprising invitation or an unusual dinner engagement. It's coming up for you soon. Good luck. Gemini can Syrians. Let's have a look at you for this week. Starting Monday, may 10. Do not give up on your hopes, dreams, and wishes.

This is an ideal week to plan something new for yourself. Friendships. And new and older associations are going to color up this next three weeks. Some people perhaps that you haven't seen in ages, but they've got a lot or the circumstances that are going to unfold a lot to do with your future. Watch out.

Bolstered by this new moon. Good luck can Syrians let's have a look at you Leo for this week, starting Monday, may 10, a new plan unfolds with a renewed ambition regarding all things to do [00:03:00] with your work and your career. Now, this has been looming over the last three weeks. It's gaining momentum and if you felt.

But you are a little bit on the back. Benches, not able to move forward, watch what this new moon is going to do from this week on, I've been able, it's going to offer you a few surprises, Leo, and it will also bring in some people that are going to push circumstances forward. As if by magic don't you love hearing that.

Well, it's something to do with your bigger picture, your work and also your career. And I think you'll like what's going to unfold also look out for extra support from either your parents, the government or authority figures from this week on. Let's have a look at you Virgo for this week, starting Monday, may 10, lots of activity on the internet and a calls for a new approach in many circumstances.

Not that I think new people are going to be coming in around you. Virgo. I think you've already got existing [00:04:00] associations, but there's more involvement here and more activity one way or another. This new moon is going to be pushing all that along and because the new moon and the sun are being favored by your fellow earth sign tourists.

You're also going to see this very positive energy move towards you. It's going on right through until the 19th of May, by the way, but anything to do with study training and courses, social media communication. In all forms, even travel and also self-improvement, they unfold over these next two weeks.

Good luck Libra. Let's have a look at you. Joint finances, duty and responsibility to a partner contracts and agreements, property real estate and business partnerships. Move in a more. Forward direction discussions around salary and your potential [00:05:00] evolve this week. Good luck. LeBron's Scorpio. Let's have a look at you for this week.

Starting Monday, may 10 with a new moon. It's also pushing along here. A new proposal from what I can see, it's going to be put to you in many cases and a highly, uh, likely situation will unfold where you've got a new opportunity to look forward to. This is something I feel that hasn't been broached with you before, even it has, it's just been a dream, but now it looks like it's going to come to a reality.

In some ways, Scorpio, these people also could be at a distance. So there could be some more communication with you in the pipeline. You're going to be considering new opportunities, both from young and old, here, from what I'm seeing a spike in energy, midweek will give you. Renewed optimism. Good luck.

Scorpio Sagittarius. Let's have a look at you this week. Starting Monday, may [00:06:00] 10, an issue or plans that's been dragging along with that progress. Finally gets a restart. This next two week. Period is excellent to push your agenda, but work privately Sagittarians. For the best results. Capricorn, let's have a look at you and like Virgo and with tourists, the sun shining in that side of the moment, it's giving you very positive energies being a fellow earth sign.

So let's have a look at you for this week. Well, a charismatic person or someone with a sparkling personality could enter your life by chance. Triggering an instant connection. A new association is highly likely from this week on. I feel it's fated, but watch out for this Capricorn, it could change your life.

Aquarians let's have a look at you for this week. Starting Monday, may 10. Your thoughts will turn towards making more money from now on up until late [00:07:00] July, you're entering a period. That's extremely progressive with your finances this week, a new plan unfolds with your living conditions. Good luck.

Aquarians. You will look, you look like you're going to be making some money there by the way, Pisces this week for you, it brings in more correspondence and communication. It's all about you getting your message across an old plan or idea gets revisited. The time to act is perfect. Look out for great results.

Good to read that one to your paces and that's our star zones for this week. Now I have a guess what I'm going to be talking to you about next week. Um, you'll be quite thrilled to hear this. So there's a little bit brief, not so much the report, but the circumstances. Yeah. Uh, I'm going to be talking about your luck.

Yeah. In the middle of the year, we all need to be fired up occasionally. Uh, but uh, it's happening really from this week, but in next week's [00:08:00] report, I'll have a more detailed analysis for you. Where is your luck? About to spike and it's going right through until the end of July early August. I think you'll be thrilled to hear that it's coming up in next week's report.

It's called the Jupiter effect, but I'll be telling you more about that next Monday. Have a great week. With the new moon. It does fire up on Wednesday, the 12th of May. And if you're looking to start something new, perhaps do it from midweek on. Yeah. And whatever you do start, it's going to go well into next week.

So look out for new people, new circumstances, Mr. Steve Murphy, have a great week. See you next Monday. I'll leave you with my favorite saying what you want. It does want you to bye now.