May 3, 2021

How's May Shaping Up for You? | Your Star Signs Report wc May 3 2021

Steve Murphy’s Star Signs
May 3rd, 2021
Series 02 Episode 17
Astrology and Numerology Report
How is “MAY” shaping up for you?

Steve Murphy’s Star Signs

May 3rd, 2021

Series 02 Episode 17

Astrology and Numerology Report

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“Steve Murphy Star Signs”, for the week commencing Monday May, 3, 2021.

How is “MAY” shaping up for you? Fast forward to your sign on the table below.

Plus, which birthdays are facing big opportunities? Listen up towards the end of this week’s forecast, straight after Pisces at 17.02.

Stars timing this week. Fast forward to your sign.

Aries, .26 seconds in.

Taurus 1. 16 in.

Gemini 2. 27 in.

Cancer 3. 49 in.

Leo 5. 06 in.

Virgo 6. 49 in.

Libra 8. 15 in.

Scorpio 9. 52 in.

Sagittarius 11. 16 in.

Capricorn 13. 17 in.

Aquarius 15. 45 in.

Pisces 17. 02 in.

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Star Signs Report wc May 3 2021 AI Transcript

How’s May Shaping Up For You?

[00:00:00] Hello, welcome back to Steve Murphy stars for another week. It's Monday, the 3rd of May and the sun is illuminating at the moment and driving the tourists friends along because it's in the sign of tourists, but it's also illuminating. One of the 12 areas in our lives for all the other respective star signs.

Let's have a look at you this week, four areas. Where is the sun a focus for you as of this week? Or some very promising aspects are around you and especially. With your money. So if you have head, head any uncertainty in this particular area, you can look out for circumstances to change. I feel that there's going to be a little bit of a windfall around you Aries this week.

So anything that you're doing with your money, perhaps you're in the right place at the right time. You can look at for circumstances here too. Uh, that will be resolved that have previously had any uncertainty around them, [00:01:00] particularly with your money, but a new plan. You can look out for this over the next three weeks.

I think it's going to unfold around your finances. And it's got some very good aspects starting this week. We've got on your Aries Taurus. Let's have a look at you. The sun is shining in your sign and next week we've got a new moon, which is going to be perfectly balanced. It's also in your sign, but I'll be telling you a little bit more about that.

To next week, but as of this week, Monday, the 3rd of May, everything that you wish to improve about yourself, Torrin's this is going to happen at any time from now and your image, how you come across to others. The purchase of new clothing, new shoes, anything that makes you feel good or look good? You can look out for this over this next couple of weeks.

It might not be closed. So it might not be shoes. It could be a new car, could be a new boat, water [00:02:00] skis, or ski equipment for the mountains, whatever it may be. You're feeling good at the moment the sun is shining on you and you're meant to have your mojo back. But this is going to be bolstered too, by this new moon, as I say, coming up next week.

Anyway, this week, as we see there's a new look for you on your cards and you're feeling pretty good about it. So I would love your feedback. Tourists you're shining at the moment. Good luck Gemini. Let's have a look at you for this week. Starting Monday, may three. It's time for you to be sitting back and just smelling the roses.

What exactly does that mean? It could mean that you're a little bit tired in some cases, or are you just wanting some time out Geminis? It would be good for you to just rest up whenever you can wind back. If you can and seek. These opportunities to just rest and relax. Don't commit to anything at the moment.

I think it may be doing a bit of a thinking about the past is something past it's used by [00:03:00] date. Are you looking at new pastures or a new direction, a new Vista, perhaps while it's happening right now. And you've got three weeks to think about this before this new opportunity will pop up around your birthday, but for the moments with the sun in tourists for you.

There was some sort of closure that could be coming. Be it privately or business, perhaps, even something at your work in order to push it away and move forward. Don't be in a rush about this. You've got three more weeks in order to do this Gemini, but with the sun, it's asking you to think about where you're going.

Think about where you've been in order to clear this new pathway, it'll all work out for you, especially with this new moon coming up next week, but I'll be telling you about that more in next week's report. Good luck, Jim. And I can Syrians very busy around you at the moment, or it has been for some time.

And as of this week, uh, may three, you may be meeting some new friends. And you could also be [00:04:00] joining a new club or some sort of new association here. My bet that there's going to be somebody, uh, th this looks to be a new person that's coming into your life. Somebody that is significant. Initially you may not.

I think there's, but there's people that you are meeting at the moment and one person, especially a, that's going to have a fair bit to do with your future. So at the moment, networking with friends, new friendships that are all highlighted around you. This is going to happen. If it hasn't happened already, we've still got three more weeks for this to be carried out for you, but more so than any other time of the year.

The people that are coming in around you at the moment, I feel it's fated in some way. It's not a bad thing. It's more like a friendship thing. People want to know you at the moment can Syrians. And I think they've got a little bit here to do with your future. It starts out in a small way that it looks quite exciting.

We never meet anybody or cross anyone's path or a situation [00:05:00] without reason. And this week we'll prove it for you. Cain, Syrians. Good luck. Okay. Leo, the lion ruled by the sun and, uh, the big powerful, bright sun and the sun moves of course, into 12 different signs throughout the year. And at the moment, uh, your ruling planet, it is asking you to make some decisions at the moment the sun is shining for you in your career sector, Leos, and also your long-term plans.

And this suggests a new beginning will unfold. It. At some point throughout may, uh, you've got a lot of connections around you at the moment, both new people and also people that are in the know powerful people could be your parents in some respects, or you're certainly thinking of them, uh, possibly the government or even.

He figures, but they're coming around you. And if you feel under pressure in any way, it's driving you towards making some decisions and that's, what's going to unfold for you over this next [00:06:00] three weeks. I think it's kind of a lot to do with your work and also with your career. And strongly, this would suggest a new beginning.

That's going to be a rancher, certainly a new approach, Leo. And again, with you, people that you have known in the past, you've come to this point right now in association with them. That's going to spearhead this new direction for you. It's quite exciting. Now just one more thing before we go this week with Yulia, how is your vision?

Do you need to get your eyes tested? Of course, many of you will, perhaps many of you won't, uh, but it's a pressing issue this week. Are you seeing things more clearly or could you see them better? So you may be getting your eyes checked up this week. Good luck Leo. Now this week for you Virgo. Very good forecast for you here.

The sun is shining in a fellow earth sign of tourists. It's excellent for you by the way. But as of Monday, may three in a thing, uh, to [00:07:00] do Virgo with you of a foreign nature is highlighted. And this is going over several weeks. Now, whether this is referenced with overseas people, foreigners, of course, overseas people.

Countries plans, interests, cultures, uh, business, and leisure activities. Uh, you could also see an increase, uh, with plans to do with travel. Many of us, of course, at the moment, uh, in isolation around the world or. Uh, we're reserved with all those border closures. This is not long-term. You may be thinking or making connections here with people on the internet Virgo.

So a, this could also have something to do with your business, whatever it is it's meant to be happening. And you're meant to be making these associations. It looks to be a lot of activity here. For some of you, it may be, uh, interest in education, podcasting broadcasting, but a lot of this is also backed up on the internet.

So you can see extra [00:08:00] activity in this area. One more thing for you this week, your finances are looking excellent. And I feel that you could have some good luck in this area right up until the 19th of May. So good luck Virgo. Libra, let's have a look at you for this week. Starting Monday, may three.

Anything that you share with others is highlighted from this week on matters, connected with your home, your money, your ideals, thoughts, and plans for the future. They all enter in from this week. So this would suggest to me plenty of activity on the phone, texting emails, messages here with people that are wanting to communicate with you.

And you accordingly are also with this back chat here in this communication. Yeah. Some of you may be dreaming about the possibilities, but these dreams don't come to you without any reason at all. So. Plenty of thinking here that's going on around you? I don't think that you're going to be making any plans here.

[00:09:00] LeBron's by yourself. I think you've got communication here going on with a special someone in your life or a legitimate partner here. And these plans that look to be unfolding. They're you two in unison, uh, coming together here to spearhead this new activity around you. A new plan. Also involving your finances will develop from this period on if you can hold off a little bit, wait till at least, uh, Wednesday week, uh, well into may, uh, for this to be more progressive for you, you can do it now, of course, but, uh, Wednesday week, there's a lot better opportunity around you.

Which you're going to be doing with this, uh, financial agreement where a business or a personal partner look out for this. And by the way, it looks very promising. Good luck. LeBron's Scorpio. Let's have a look at you for this week. Starting Monday, may three, your personal and professional relationships are in the spotlight now.

[00:10:00] Whether this be a person that you've even broken off from the past, uh, this person could be in the news around you or the sun is shining, uh, an interest on this person, your association with them. It could also be a potential new partnership. Or even a current partnership around you, you working with a partner and if you're not, it could be somebody that's around you.

That's just meant to be this week. You seem to be coming into focus or you're working with some sort of new plan Scorpio. It looks quite exciting here, how you get on with others and how others get on with you will determine. The outcome over this next three weeks, but things start to speed up around the 10th, the 11th and the 12th of May.

So you can Mark those dates in your diary. These associations also could be a business contact that are far away from you, or you could be getting contacts here, Scorpio that just come out [00:11:00] of the blue and they unfold into this new direction for you. Many of you are going to be starting a new direction in this month of may a new arrangement basically unfolds good luck.

It's meant to be. Sagittarius, let's have a look at you for this week. Starting Monday, may three, the sun is illuminating an area of your life that has much to do with your work and your day to day the activities. This also represents any duties. That you may have it's, you know, when you feel it's your duty to perform or it's your duty to carry out, uh, responsibilities and so forth, the sun is shining on this area of your life at the moment.

So it's very supportive, but if things are not working out. Uh, the sun will also eliminate this area of your life. So it will show you what needs attention or if it's already getting enough attention, it's moving along smoothly. Nothing to worry about here. The sun is just [00:12:00] motivating you and moving along and showing you all these responsibilities that are before you.

I don't want to say that it's a little bit dull for you, but it's certainly not a pressure aspect either. It's just. Shining a light on your work activities a little bit here to do with your health and your wanting to feel good about yourself at the moment. So there could be some extra consultancy with healthcare professionals, doctors, possibly dentist over the next couple of week, a couple of weeks for you.

Now also just be careful that you're not taking on too many activities at the moment. Sagittarius again for you wind back, take each day as it comes, don't put too many activities into your, uh, single day. Processes, uh, scattered them out if you can. Yeah. Over these next three weeks and you'll find that they are better for you.

And you're better. Just one more thing for you this week. Your family is more important to you for some strange reason or unusual [00:13:00] aspects here. Then you shared your family, not so much your home, your family. So you could be hearing from people that you haven't heard. For from in such a long time, and they're getting in contact with you or you with them Sagittarians.

Good luck for you. Now this week for you Capricorn, let's have a look at you from Monday, may three, some very good aspects like Virgo. Uh, you've got your fellow earth sign tourists and the sun in Intourist very, very good aspects here for you. Capricorn you're in this amazing year two with your finances again.

Good progress here this week with that, but the sun is providing you with plenty of opportunity, uh, both with your work family, people that you associate here with your work and also your family at home. So there's a nice balance. That's going on last week. I think I was telling you about, uh, you've got to find this.

Uh, level here, level playing [00:14:00] field where you're finding a work life balance. Uh, this still applies for you over this week and, uh, you might find circumstances again, uh, they are calling on you to find that balance Capricorns, but this is meant to be, and next week as well. Of very, very good period for you, uh, meeting new people.

And dare I say, there's going to be a sense of romance around you. Now, if this is not full on hugs and kisses, sort of romance it's with a passionate group of people or some sort of subject matter that you really enjoy, therefore, look out for more entertainment. And people that enjoy your company and you're enjoying theirs as well.

Uh, these people seem to be young and fresh with their ideas, uh, possibly children, but if they're not children, they're adults, they've got young, uh, fresh ideas around them and they wanting to be involved with you. They're fun people and Penn circumstances [00:15:00] in a nutshell, from an astrological point of view, Capricorn, whenever the sun moves through the fifth house, it's most happy and life seems quiet.

Happy and enjoyable. And this is where it is for you right now. So right up until the 19th or 20th of May here, you've got this wonderful aspect here with the sun shining on all these fantastic circumstances around you. They're fun. It could have a little bit to do with gambling. And you could be also lucky with your finances again with you.

If there's been any unrest or uncertainty here with your finances, look out for these to be resolved at least by next week. Very good here with your dollars. Good luck. Capricorn Aquarius. Let's have a look at you for this week. Starting Monday, may three. The sound is highlighting the people that mean the most to you.

And, uh, they're not leaving you alone this week, so it's not a time to be sitting in closed doors. Aquarians I [00:16:00] don't think you are in fact all year. There's plenty of opportunities here around you. But, uh, you'll find, uh, the living conditions and also matters to do with your home. Uh, they're going to become a focus this week.

This does have a little bit to do with family. So whether you're making reservations within the home or you're planning circumstances within the home that afford all this new activity, I think it's only brief. Uh, but there looks to be some sort of an adjustment here in this area. Look out for progress and attention in your home.

All your apartment. Are you planning to send your home, looking to rent a new place? Is there some sort of an adjustment with a leasing arrangement going on in your home? Pick a wheel out of pick a spoke rather out of the wheel of life, because things are moving forward here for you at the moment, family is also very important and you'll realize this too, by the 14th of May.

Good luck. [00:17:00] Aquarians finally Pisces for you this week. As of Monday, may three. How is your communication going with others at the moment? Uh, well it certainly highlighted, uh, whether it needs attention or whether it's just going all smoothly. Uh, you'll find that communication is important. This also can extend to all letters.

Correspondence messages, emails, texting phone calls and meetings. Are you thinking of also buying a new computer? Uh, does it need attention or you getting a new mobile phone in this life of where we have essential, uh, phone communication? Are you looking at. To communication with a new phone perhaps, or an update of your phone.

All of these aspects are highlighted for you over this next three weeks. But I do think, yeah, you're going to be meeting some new people. Here are people that are important to your future and people that are very supportive of  [00:18:00] over this next three weeks, they know about you. They've done their research.

Uh, perhaps you may, you find you're surprised with this communication with some of these people over the next few days. But they like you and they want to be involved with you. And if it doesn't come across, initially, it's certainly in the pipeline. So you can look out for this over this next three weeks or so good, like Parisians and that's the stars for this week just before I go.

I want to tell you about that new moon, that's going to be popping up, uh it's well into next week. So I won't tell you imminently what it's all about. Uh, but it's a bit of a reemphasis about this week's forecast. It's going to be an excellent time next week, uh, to be starting some sort of new direction.

I know many of you who listen in each week are facing a new direction, uh, possibly the result of closure, uh, which happened in may. It's all natural. And it's, it's going to unfold organically for you, uh, [00:19:00] over this next week. And that's what my report's going to be about you and for you, uh, next week, this new direction, that's going to unfold.

It's positive. It's forward moving, and it's got a lot to do with our future coming up next week. Also popping up, uh, towards the end of may, uh, around the 26th, 27th, we've got the full moon eclipse, which is going to be happening in Sagittarius. Uh, if you're a Leo or an Aries, uh, or Sagittarian, uh, this is going to be really, really positive and significant for you.

You may feel that you're on show at the moment, the eclipses happen every year and we can. Feel their energy, anytime from three months before the eclipse leading up to this state of affairs and up to six months post the process. And, uh, we're coming into this eclipse period. So we're right in the middle of it at the moment.

Now this is going to [00:20:00] affect the birthdays of the 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th of. Any month of the year, if you have those birth dates, uh, many of you are going to feel like you're in performance mode or you're put being put on show in some case, or you're being noticed more than usual. Here's this big, bright, super moon of an eclipse.

And it's affecting those birth dates. Do you have those birth dates? The 25th, 26, 27, 28th of any month of the year, you will find that this full moon eclipse coming up at the end of may is going to affect you. But it's in a positive way. It's going to push you forward. So good luck with that followed by a new moon eclipse coming up in June.

It's going to occur on the 11th of June. Therefore, you're going to, if you've got these birth dates, 10th, the 11th, 12th, and 13th of any month of the year. Any time from now, you've got a new beginning [00:21:00] of sorts or new people coming into your life that are going to spearhead or this new action. And I'll be telling you a lot more about this in my future report.

Only weeks away. So have a good week this week. As of Monday, the 3rd of May, I'm putting my reports up on Facebook now, which goes out on a 17 media platforms every Monday morning. Uh, thank you for being with me. And thanks for listening in, I'll leave you with my favorite report, uh, saying as always, uh, this is Steve Murphy and till next week, what you want it does once you too.

Bye now.