May 24, 2021

Full Moon Eclipse | Your Star Signs Report wc 24th May 2021

Steve Murphy’s Star Signs
May 24th 2021
Series 02 Episode 20
Astrology and Numerology Report
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“Steve Murphy Star Signs” for the week commencing Monday, May 24, 2021.
How does the Full Moon Eclipse on Wedne...

Steve Murphy’s Star Signs

May 24th 2021

Series 02 Episode 20

Astrology and Numerology Report

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“Steve Murphy Star Signs” for the week commencing Monday, May 24, 2021.

How does the Full Moon Eclipse on Wednesday, May 26, affect your Stars? We can see the consequences 3 months before and as much as 6 months after the event.

Stars timing this week. Fast forward to your sign.

Aries, .53 in.

Taurus 1. 19 in.

Gemini 1. 47 in.

Cancer 2. 14 in.

Leo 3. 15 in.

Virgo 4. 01 in.

Libra 4. 34 in.

Scorpio 5. 19 in.

Sagittarius 6. 00 in.

Capricorn 6. 52 in.

Aquarius 7. 39 in.

Pisces 8. 02 in.

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Star Signs S02E20 AI Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello, welcome back to Steve Murphy star signs for yet another week we're powering through the months, nearly up to the middle of the year. And for this week, may 24. We do see a big full Mooney flips in Sagittarius Sagittarians. You are on show. This is all so excellent for Leo and yeah, Aries friends, but you may be feeling this energy or.

Filtered over the last couple of months, we always tend to feel the full moon eclipse and the new moon eclipse, uh, three months before the event. And as much as six months after, it's certainly creating a lot of new roles, new directions, new positions, and just basically new things in this month of may.

But without any further ado, let's have a look at how the stars are affecting you for this week. Aries listen up this full moon. Eclipse is very favorable on you and its influence sees you willing to be more exciting with your life direction. [00:01:00] Your future plans are influenced by the media, all forms of media or people from overseas.

This hasn't happened over the last couple of months. Don't give up just yet, even over the next couple of months, these people or industries could shape your life areas. Good luck Taurus this week for you may 24 with the full moon eclipse can be sorting out, uh, legal issues for you and things that you've been wanting to sort have for some time, any relationships that you have.

We'll reach a compromise anytime from now over the next couple of months, for many of you though, a new deal is accomplished most likely sorted out by the end of may Taurus. Now with Gemini this week, the full moon eclipse is directly opposite your star sign. So both professional and personal relationships and all communications will reach a climax talks of [00:02:00] a broader direction and expanding your pathway.

Uh, full of possibilities, but you may find a female has a lot to say in influencing this new direction around your Gemini. Good luck can Syrians let's have a look at you. You are ruled by them moon and here she is having a full moon eclipse this week. Uh, no doubt. It's been affecting you over this last six weeks, but this week it also comes to a climax as it peaks.

Uh, you will find. Uh, that this is going to affect your every day existence and your day-to-day activities, but something demands closure here can Syrians. I feel that you're ready for a new staff in many ways, changes in your workplace for those of you. Those of you who are working, there could be some health issues related here.

Perhaps you're wanting to feel better or get the right consultancy, seek out the right doctor or healthcare professional. Uh, this could also see with this full moon eclipse [00:03:00] things coming to life for you. Whatever happens here is going to force. A new pathway and you're ruled by the moon. And here she is having a full moon eclipse in this area of your life.

Basically, it's a new direction for you. It can Syrians. Good luck. Leo. Let's have a look at you for this week. Starting Monday, may 24, this full moon eclipse wants to introduce you to new people and new situations. Leo look out for young people. And, uh, these people have fresh and new ideas for, for many of you.

It could even be your children, uh, that are introducing you to new situations here. Uh, life will get an exciting edge, uh, coming towards you, but your romance and your attractiveness. Yes for whatever it is. It spikes. So people are noticing you now more than ever, or particularly in this 12 months, this time of year, look out for this because you are being noticed Leo.

So turn on the charm. You're being appreciated. [00:04:00] Virgo. Let's have a look at you for this week. Starting may 24, the full moon eclipse has you centered at home and family decisions will be reached regarding your living conditions. The old ways. Uh, basically they're no longer sustainable and your peace of mind is paramount to seek stability, but where is it?

Well, it's in your home and it's with your family. So watch out for things being resolved that were previously unsettled in this area, or they're certainly going to be reaching a climax. Good luck for you. Virgo liberal. Let's have a look at you for this week. Starting may 24, this full moon eclipse. Once you to be protected.

All forms of communication, whatever that means the written and even the spoken word here, this involves the internet, your phone system, and all forms of security. Even around your living conditions. This has nothing to scare you, but. Perhaps it's something that you're wanting to bring to [00:05:00] light. You're wanting to feel protected and you're weary of what is going through the internet.

How personal is your information? How protected is it? And this is what this form in eclipse is doing for you. Libra, you will also address these concerns by the end of may or thanks to that full moon eclipse Scorpio. Let's have a look at you for this week. Starting Monday, may. 24, this full moon eclipse sees closure, uh, with a financial obligation.

Uh, however, a new and worth while pathway is opening up for you. Uh, the results of all of this is personal freedom, but I feel a Scorpio it's going to peak more around September. Are you setting the groundwork in place here? You're going to have the right people coming around. You. Because you're wanting to get it right.

You're wanting to have the right people come to you and this is what's going to happen, but you're going to see certainly a peak activity as a result of what's commenced. Now in September. Good luck Scorpio Sagittarius [00:06:00] this week for you starting Monday, may 24, this full moon eclipse is in your very own star sign.

It's bringing you to the attention of. Anyone and everyone said, Digitarians so whatever you're doing at present and beyond will bring a lasting impression. You are on show. Think of this, a big full moon eclipse in your sign. It's like a big Hollywood spotlight. It shining on you. And you'll see examples of this.

Perhaps you have done over the last three or four weeks or so, but it's also going to climax from now in this week forward and over this next couple of months, show the world. What you are made of? I feel that something's going to come out of this period view Sagittarians. You may receive an offer, but certainly bringing you to the attention of others.

Good luck. Capricorn, let's have a look at you. Uh, traditionally the moon is your love planet. Uh, this, uh, period view as a full moon eclipse, [00:07:00] that's being very protective of you with your personal information. So you're guarding a lot of what you have at the moment. Some of you may even be a little bit secretive of what you have or you're being extra guarded, but this week, has you leaving an association, a club or a social planet?

And you may be seeking some private time. However, this will only be brief before June and July picks up and you'll find the full moon in your sign is going to be popping up. It's going to once again, have you Capricorn's on show any time from now, but picking in the month of July. Good luck. Aquarius, let's have a look at you for this week.

Starting may 24, this full moon eclipse has you being introduced to new people or possibly public life? Therefore you may find yourself on show presenting your schools and making new contacts and friends in the process, a friendship or association that you have. Comes to [00:08:00] light in some way, it looks very favorable on your Aquarians good luck policy.

He's finally for this week, starting Monday, may 24, full moon eclipse. Once you to shine in your career and your greater life direction, you are coming to the attention of bosses or authority figures, and those who are well connected. Possibly a government department or is there a favorable outcome in this area for you?

It could happen anytime from Wednesday onwards. Good luck Palestinians. Recent anxiety is calling on you to free yourself up. And that's the stars for this week with our big full moon eclipse. It's going to be peaking on Wednesday by the way. But, uh, as I say, we're feeling in any time out, three months out before the event, and as much as six months after those pesky eclipses, they always change things.

We're not done there. There's another, club's coming up in June. Uh, it's on the 10th, 10th, or the 11th from memory. [00:09:00] So if you have birth dates on the ninth, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th of. Any month of the year, you will find that you've got a new beginning coming up. If you haven't had it already. And those who are born on the 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th of any month of the year, many of you people are finding closure at the moment in order to move forward.

But after the closure of anything, there always seems to be a. Sabbatical period or a resting period. Thinking about where you're heading may for all of us is about new things. So it's an excellent time to be starting in a new direction. Now coming up next week, I'll be talking to you about the Geminis.

Some. Great theory, Geminis also LeBrons and Aquarians. But how has it for the rest of the star signs? We'll, I'll have a full, comprehensive report of how the whole of June is shaping up as a result of this, him being in Jim and I, [00:10:00] thanks for listening in once again, this is Steve Murphy. I'll see you next Monday as always Sunday.

Cause I record my reports here on Sunday for a new reports going out on Monday. I'll leave you with my favorite saying what you want. It does want you to buy now?