March 20, 2022

Your Star Signs Report for wc March 21 2022

Your Star Signs Report for wc March 21 2022

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Hello friends. Welcome back to Steve Murphy, star signs for the start of another week. Monday, March 21. It's significant because we've got the sun moving into Aries, making its annual call and Aries. You can listen up. It's a good report right through until the 21st of April, but how's it going to affect all the other signs, have a listen.

Aries with the sun, making its annual visit into your sign. Welcome to a happy and positive period. Uh, some self pampering is in order and you may change your appearance in some way. Basically. It's all about you Aries. So look forward to the extra attention Taurus this next four weeks for you. This period calls for you.

To have some deserved time out with you seeking quiet times. However, the next four weeks, as you dealing with curious invitations and surprise social encounters, Gemini, this next four weeks for you as of Monday, March 21. Wanting to meet new people or a possible new direction. This is the time for action.

You could be joining a club or a new association. Friends will prove to be a blessing. Gemini

Cancerians this next four weeks for you. Ambition is staring you into action and it's all to do with your work or career. An offer of sorts is likely, or you. Create the change yourself. Leo, a happier set of circumstances begin to unfold and you can look forward to success.

Watch events, move quickly. If you are looking for career changes, dates leading up to April 30 can trigger a new direction or adjustments. Virgo nice period for you. Financial planning has you organized over several weeks and joint arrangements will govern your thinking property. Leasing, all forms of real estate are likely to influence your direction the month ahead

is socially proactive,

Libra, very significant for you as of Monday, March 21, the sun is directly opposite your sign over several weeks. Therefore making all of your relationships, both personal and business, more important than usual. Look out to make contact with someone. That you haven't seen in ages, Scorpio, your intuition and knowing is constantly peaking, sparking a call to action, especially with issues connected with your work life.

A relationship at the moment can be testing. However it's triggering a new direction of sorts. Come April

Sagittarius. Welcome to a delightful period of the year for you, especially with your social calendar. It looks to be proactive, romance, family fun and pleasure. Uh, forecast all forecast for you Sagittarians over this next three weeks or so

Capricorn, on everything to do with your home.

Living conditions and family will from time to time color up the next four weeks, a deep conversation with a female relative will prove that you have alternatives

Aquarius this next four weeks for you. You can look forward to progress and opportunities regarding your finances right up until early may.

And then from late August through until the end of the year. A brother or sister sparks a surprising conversation, but you'll deal with it in your own unique way. Talk of, or perhaps a plan connected with a trip away is imminent and Pisces. Finally, for you parents or a senior person can influence your thinking, which.

Have you take it on board? However, there's financial opportunities on the horizon that will swiftly influence your mindset and your direction. You're in a very lucky cycle, two Pisces, by the way, certainly with Jupiter hanging around in your sign. Off and on over this next 12 months period, and with the sun moving into Aries, Aries, it's party time for you.

Uh, you can look forward to some extra attention. Also brushing off onto Leo and Sagittarius friends. This is Steve Murphy. Thanks for listening in. I'll be back again next Monday with another new report. I'll leave you with my favorite saying as always what you want. It wants you to, bye now.