June 22, 2020

The Need to Weaponize Space

The Need to Weaponize Space

The astronomy, technology and space science news podcast.
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 62

The astronomy, technology and space science news podcast.

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 62


*The need to weaponize space 

The United States found the need to create a separate defence arm for the space warfare arena last year – in order to meet the growing threat posed by existing Russian and Chinese space forces which have already weaponized space. The new branch will defend American space assets including communications, navigation, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance satellites. And with Australia having contributed significant funding towards some of these spacecraft, as well its on going ground support role – comes the obvious question -- should Australia have its own space force within the ADF.


*Evidence of recent volcanic eruptions on Titan

Astronomers studying data from NASA’s Cassini mission to explore the ringed world of Saturn and its many moons have found evidence of recent volcanic activity on Titan.


*Rocket Lab launches its 12th mission

An electron rocket has successfully blasted into space carrying five satellites into orbit.

The payloads included three classified satellites for the United States National Reconnaissance Office, one for NASA, and one for the University of New South Wales.



*The Science Report

Dexamethasone seen as a major breakthrough in saving the lives of COVID-19 patients.

New study finds young adults aren’t having as much sex as they used to.

Paleontologists say ancient footprints might have belonged to a two-legged crocodile.

We’ve all wondered -- What sort of people hoard rolls of toilet paper during a pandemic.

Anti-vaxers change their name to hide their agenda.


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