April 17, 2020

Revolutionary New Images of a Quasar

Revolutionary New Images of a Quasar

The astronomy and space science news podcast.
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 34

The astronomy and space science news podcast.

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 34 

*Revolutionary new images of a quasar

Astronomers have obtained their best view yet of a massive quasar blasting out from a monster black hole a third of the way across the universe.


*All systems are go for Vega-C maiden flight

The European Space Agency says all systems are go for the maiden flight of Europe’s new Vega-C launch vehicle.


*Expedition 63 launch

The new Expedition 62/63 crew have arrived safely aboard the International Space Station following a rapid rendezvous four orbit flight from the Earth.




*Final flight for Dragon 1

A Dragon 1 capsule has returned to Earth for the final time. SpaceX mission CRS-20’s splashdown in the North Pacific Ocean off the coast of Baja California marked the end of NASA’s first Commercial Resupply Services contract, and the retirement of SpaceX’s first generation Dragon cargo ships.


*Another Starship failure

SpaceX’s latest prototype Starship test article -- SN3 --experienced a major failure – collapsing during a pressurized cryogenic fuel test.


*The Science Report

New questions about corruption at the top of the World Health Organization.

A look at the links between a heightened risk of COVID-19 and heart issues.

A new warning that global warming could destroy ecosystems within the decade.

A new study claims having thick thighs may save lives.


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