May 18, 2020

One of the Oldest Objects in the Milky Way

One of the Oldest Objects in the Milky Way

The astronomy and space science news podcast.
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 47

The astronomy and space science news podcast.

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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 47

*One of the oldest objects in the Milky Way

Astronomers have discovered an ancient globular cluster that appears to be a staggering 13.6 billion years old – making it one of the oldest known objects in the Milky Way galaxy.


*Growing doubts about one of the universe’s fundamental constants

A new study suggests one of the fundamental constants of the laws of physics doesn’t appear to be quite so constant across the universe and seems to change depending on where you are.


*Australia and United States threatened by out of control Chinese rocket

Australia and the United States have escaped being hit by a deliberately out of control Chinese rocket.

It was the most massive object to have made an uncontrolled atmospheric re-entry since the 39-tonne Russian Salyut-7 spacecraft crashed in Argentina in 1991.


*China’s new capsule returns to Earth following its first test flight

China claims its new prototype manned spacecraft has returned safely to Earth following a three-day orbital test flight.


*The Science Report

Some kids with COVID-19 antibodies now showing signs of a new inflammatory multisystem syndrome.

The Chinese Military undertake a cyber attack on the Western Australian Government.

Palaeontologists discover the oldest known Homo sapiens remains in Europe.

Evidence that scientific advice was dismissed as part of the Adani Carmichael mine approval process.


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