Dec. 16, 2020

New Evidence of How Dark Matter Behaves

New Evidence of How Dark Matter Behaves

The Astronomy, Technology and Space Science News Podcast.
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 135

The Astronomy, Technology and Space Science News Podcast.

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 23 Episode 135

*New evidence of how dark matter behaves

Astronomers have discovered new characteristics about mysterious dark matter after watching a galaxy being eaten by another bigger galaxy.

*New discoveries about how planetary nebulae are made

Astronomers have discovered that the mesmerising spiral structures seen in planetary nebulae are generated by companion stars or planets orbiting around the dying star.

*Cape Canaveral renamed

One of the most famous places on Earth – the Cape Canaveral Air Force station – has officially been re-named the Cape Canaveral Space Force station.

*The Science Report

Warnings that climate change could lead to irreversible sea level rise as temperatures increase.

A new study warns there could be fewer than 300 swift parrots left in the wild.

Scientists sequence the genome of the wild progenitor of the modern day tomato. 

The only dinosaur bones ever found in Ireland have been formally confirmed for the first time.

Alex on Tech: Robot vacuum cleaners that spy on private conversations.

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