Jan. 20, 2021

Detailed View

Detailed View

The Astronomy, Technology and Space Science News Podcast.
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 24 Episode 8
*The most detailed views ever of the surface of a brown dwarf

The Astronomy, Technology and Space Science News Podcast.

SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 24 Episode 8

*The most detailed views ever of the surface of a brown dwarf

Astronomers have discovered bands and stripes in the atmosphere of Luhman 16 B -- the nearest brown dwarf to Earth.

*More delays to the Ariane 6 space program

The European Space agency has pushed back the maiden flight of its new Ariane 6 heavy lift launch vehicle to the second quarter of next year.

*China preparing for something with the launch of yet another spy satellite

China has launched another reconnaissance spy satellite – one of at least 69 equipped with synthetic aperture radar technology designed to obtain all-weather, day-and-night imagery of strategic targets around the world.

*The Science Report

Suicide and attempts at suicide three times higher among people on the autistic spectrum.

Scientists have uncovered new clues about how life could have originated on Earth.

More droughts predicted over the next 80 years.

Maria Island could provide a new home for endangered brush-tailed rock wallabies

Skeptic's guide shows no link between lockdowns and suicide rates.

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