May 25, 2021

Volcanic Activity on Mars

Volcanic Activity on Mars

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 58

*Volcanic activity on Mars

A new study claims there’s evidence of recent volcanic activity on Mars showing that eruptions could have taken place on the red planet within the past 50,000 years – which is present day in geological time.

*Red China rover lands on Mars

Following in the wake of America’s latest success with its Mars Perseverance rover which has now commenced science operations on the red planet’s Jezero Crater – China has now landed its own rover on Mars.

*Rocket lab launch failure

Rocket Lab has blamed a possible engine problem for the failure of its latest Electron mission.

The failure occurred during the ignition of the second stage of the Running Out Of Toes mission – the 20th for the company and the second failure in the past year.

*New nano thin radiation shielding

Scientists at have developed new ultra-thin nano materials that can reflect or transmit light on demand -- opening the door to technology that could help shield astronauts in space from harmful radiation.

*The Science Report

RNA from the COVID-19 virus could have found a way to insert itself into the human genome.

Drought and hot weather blamed for Australia’s infamous black summer bushfires

Paleontologists identify a new species of hadrosaur dinosaur in northern Mexico.

Requirements for increasingly complex website passwords leading to poor password security.

Skeptic's guide to the power of religion and faith in Australia.

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