June 25, 2021

Third Mission Bound for Venus

Third Mission Bound for Venus

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 72

*A third mission bound for Venus

The European Space agency has announced a new mission to study Venus. The EnVision orbiter will launch in the early 2030s to study Venus from its upper atmosphere down to its core o determine how and why Venus and Earth evolved so differently.

*Mars Perseverance rover on the move

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover is continuing with its science mission searching for signs of past microbial life in Jezero Crater’s lake bed.

*China launches another spy satellite as it prepares for war

China has launched four more satellites including additional Earth observation satellites as Beijing continues its on going preparations for war.

*The Science Report

Unmasked speech in confined places found to be the main way COVID 19 spreads.

The devastating skin disease affecting dolphins caused by climate change.

The new WomBot designed to study wombat burrows.

Scientists have found that Earth’s deepest life scavenges on carbon.

Skeptic's guide to COVID-19 scams in India.

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