June 16, 2021

Rosetta Stone Eruption Could Help Explain Solar Explosions

Rosetta Stone Eruption Could Help Explain Solar Explosions

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SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 68


*Rosetta Stone eruption could help explain solar explosions

A dramatic, multi-staged eruption on the Sun has revealed new clues that could help scientists solve the long-standing mystery of what causes the Sun’s powerful and unpredictable explosions.

*Juno’s close encounter with Ganymede


NASA’s Juno spacecraft has undertaken a close encounter with the Jovian moon Ganymede.

*Dream Chaser delayed till next year

Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser spaceplane which was slated to begin supply missions to the International Space Station in September this year – will now not begin operations until sometime in 2022.

*OneWeb’s planned mega constellation gets another 36 satellites

Despite the growing concerns of scientists a Russian Soyuz rocket has successfully placed another 36 British OneWeb internet broad band telecommunications satellites into low Earth orbit.

*The Science Report

Earth to breach the 1.5-Celsius warming mark within the next five years.

Study shows taking extra vitamin D won’t help protect you from the COVID-19 corona virus.

The first complete egg from Australia's smallest emu found on King Island.

Google allowing other people to read your private e-mails.

Alex on Tech checks out Apple’s new IOS-15 operating system.

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