Oct. 4, 2021

Rockin' On The Red Planet

Rockin' On The Red Planet

The Astronomy, Technology, and Space Science News Podcast.

SpaceTime Series 24 Episode 112

*Three Big Marsquakes rock the red planet

NASA’s InSight lander has recorded a massive magnitude 4.2 Marsquake on the red planet which shook the spacecraft for nearly an hour-and-a-half.

*NASA’s Mars fleet moves into solar conjunction

Planet Earth’s invasion of Mars has hit the pause button as the red planet moves into solar conjunction.

*NASA prepares for Arnhem Land rocket blast-off

A team of key NASA personnel have been released from COVID-19 quarantine in Darwin to begin preparations for the agency’s rocket launch program from Equatorial Launch Australia’s new Arnhem Space Centre.

*The Science Report

New experimental anti-viral drug molnupiravir could cut halve COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations.

Ground-breaking new research discovers a likely cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists create the world’s whitest paint.

A new study confirms that the ancient Etruscans were actually Italians.

Skeptic's guide to how big business exploits fear during COVID-19.

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